Zendaya Wins Kids' Choice Award For Favorite Female TV Star & Her Speech Was Perfect

She didn't get slimed (yet), but Zendaya won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star and, after dancing her way up to the stage, she used her speech to emphasize the importance of being a positive role model. Zendaya won the award for her work on K.C. Undercover, a Disney channel sitcom in which she plays a math genius whose parents happen to be spies. In her acceptance speech, the 19-year-old expressed that "making positive programming" is extremely important to her — and she's definitely succeeded, because her onscreen brainiac is a wonderful example for girls everywhere.

The multi-talented star (she also sings, dances, and models — is there anything she can't do?) also addressed the parents of her young fans. She thanked them for allowing them to be a role model for their children and emphasized that she doesn't take it for granted, nor does she take it lightly — and this is something she's proven multiple times. In the December issue of Flare, she spoke eloquently about why feminism is so important to her. And, when Giuliana Rancic made racially inappropriate comments about her hairstyle at the 2015 Oscars, she addressed it in a classy, educational manner by issuing an extremely well-written and insightful statement. She also spoke out when Modeliste photoshopped images of her and drove home the point that setting unrealistic ideals of "beauty" is extremely damaging.

Countless young girls look up to her and it's wonderful that Zendaya uses her fame to send positive message about everything from gender equality to body positivity. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she's wise beyond her years. Oh, and did I mention she has the most adorable victory dance ever?

Congrats to Zendaya on her well-deserved award — she's a winner in every way possible.