Britt Nilsson Is Ready For Marriage & 'The Bachelor' Star Didn't Need Chris Harrison To Find Her True Love

Remember last season of The Bachelorette when the producers thought it would be a great idea to pit two women against each other and let a group of guys decide who they wanted to be The Bachelorette? It failed pretty miserably, to be honest, and it sent Britt Nilsson home in tears when Kaitlyn Bristowe became the Bachelorette instead. However, in the end, Britt didn’t need the show. She has quite the love story that came about on its own. So, if you felt bad that she was turned down by Chris Soules or that she wasn’t chosen to as the Bachelorette, or that Britt and Brady only lasted two months, don’t. Things worked out better than fans could have ever imagined, and Britt Nilsson reveals her adorable post- Bachelorette love story to Bustle. Get those tissues ready, because it might make you cry.

Britt and her boyfriend, Jeremy Byrne, have been showing off their newfound love for each other on social media since December, but their story begins long before that. The couple actually met and dated four years ago. Britt says that she was working on a video shoot with an all-male cast, except for the hair and make-up girl, who bonded with Britt over the few days on set. At the end of the shoot, the girl said there was a guy she wanted to introduce Britt to. She told her how they had the same love for faith, family, and that their humor was similar, too.

“At the time I was, like, really, really not dating,” Britt admits. “It was 'Britt time,' and I was just learning who I am. I said no, but she’s telling me all about him and saying all these wonderful things. Then she showed me pictures on Facebook and I was like, ‘Ohhhhh OK!’”

So, Britt got his number and says they talked for about a month before they met up. They ended up dating for eight months. “I totally fell in love with him,” the former Bachelor contestant recalls. “Then one night we were apart, and I’m praying, he's praying, we both kind of, for some reason just in our spirits or minds or whatever it was, we were both like, 'We have to break up, the timing isn’t right.'”

Britt called Jeremy up and told him she needed to talk, and he agreed. When they met up, she says they both pretty much ended it at the same time. "It was really sad and we cried because we were so in love," she remembers. "It was weird, but we just had this sense that it was not right, right now."

After that, three and a half years went by, and they both moved on with their lives. According to Britt, Jeremy got engaged and, as we all know, Britt went on The Bachelor to try to find a love of her own. And, while she was completely open to dating, relationships, and even falling in love — she never really let Jeremy go.

“Almost every single day I would think of him for some reason,” she admits. “I’m, like, looking at his engagement photos on his Facebook. He's in Bali, on his knee, proposing to this girl, and I’m still looking at him, and I feel like I’m supposed to be with him. I don’t know why.”

Ultimately, Jeremy’s engagement didn’t end in marriage and Britt didn't fall in love on TV. She called him up after everything on the show ended and met up with him to make amends for things that happened in their relationship.

“Then we just started hanging out again and never stopped,” she says. “I totally love him, and he's amazing. It’s one of those things, looking back, it all kind of makes sense. In those three and a half years we both just had a lot of growing up to do. We needed that time to become our best selves.”

So are these love birds going to get married one day?

“Absolutely,” Britt says.

See? I told you it was the sweetest story.

Image: BrittKarolina/Instagram