Britt Nilsson's Job After 'The Bachelorette' Is Her Dream & She Reveals It’s All Thanks To Brady Toops

When The Bachelor/Bachelorette ends, the former contestants have to figure out the next move for themselves. Whether it’s promoting products on Instagram, writing a book, or starting their own company, there are a lot of options out there. It’s always cool to see how people use their newfound platform as a celebrity to expand their career options. Britt Nilsson was a waitress in Los Angeles when she went on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor , but like most people, she quit her job before she left to film for two months. Although Britt was unlucky in love and was sent home from that show, and then from The Bachelorette, she has been using her fame to save the lives of children, which is pretty freaking awesome. So, what is Britt doing after The Bachelorette ? Well, she landed her dream job, and she told Bustle it’s all thanks to Brady Toops.

In case you forgot, Britt went to her hotel in tears after Kaitlyn was chosen to be the Bachelorette. Brady, however, was completely set on winning Britt’s heart so he said good-bye to Kaitlyn and showed up at Britt’s hotel room, hoping to get a date. Britt says that they did date for two months after, but ultimately parted ways as friends. Before that, though, she tells Bustle she and Brady were praying, and she was trying to figure out what her next move in life should be. Brady he asked her, “Now you kind of have a voice. What do you want to talk about?”

She told him she’s always wanted to work for a company called World Vision.

“They sponsor kids,” she says. “I’ve been doing that for years on my own, but I love what they do. They really empower people and it's awesome. I was like, 'I would love to work for them,' and it always felt like something I could never do, and I didn’t know how.”

As it turned out, Brady’s friend had just landed a P.R. job with the company, and Britt says he set up a time for them to meet. Soon after that, she began speaking on the company's behalf and traveling around to give talks. Britt says most of the audience is women and fans of the show, so they will start by talking about The Bachelor/Bachelorette and then cover issues like confidence and bullying. At the end she talks about sponsoring children and how to get involved.

It's been so amazing. I always think about how insane it is that this crazy show is leading to literally of hundreds of kids being sponsored. Every month these kids are getting food and water and get to go to school and get medical treatment in all these countries. It's just turned into a really cool thing for kids I’ll never meet, but their lives are better. That’s my favorite thing that happened.

Currently, Britt herself sponsors 10 kids and is going to try and fly out to the Dominican Republic soon to meet one of them. “It’s just allowed me to be part of this team that I've always looked at and admired from afar. I feel very honored," she admits.

However, World Vision isn’t her full time job, she reveals. After the show, she worked for at a company called The Giving Keys. She explains that the company hires homeless people, and they all make jewelry together. After six months there, she left to work full time at a law firm. The firm specializes in civil litigation, and Britt says her job is researching and taking notes in court.

Not to mention between her two jobs, she found time to fall in love. She may not have won the show, but it looks like everything worked out for the best for Britt, her new boyfriend, and all those children she's helped by using her fame for good.

Image: ABC