Does Alison Have A Twin On 'Pretty Little Liars'? She May Be The One Hiding In Plain Sight

Just when you think this show couldn't possibly get more complicated, I. Marlene King confirms that there's someone who has a twin on Pretty Little Liars . Of course, this is something that many diehard fans have been theorizing over for quite some time, but to have it actually confirmed by the series creator herself proves just how valid our suspicions have been. We have definitely been seeing double of someone — the only question is who? Obviously, the list of suspects is pretty long these days, considering every character has looked super shady at one point or another, however, there's a good chance that Season 6B has had our twin in question hiding in plain sight. I think that Alison has a twin on Pretty Little Liars and that's who we've been seeing on screen since January.

Now, before you rule this out as just another outlandish theory, hear me out. We don't know what these ladies have been up to over the past five years, so it's completely possible that an unknown twin has infiltrated their lives without anyone being the wiser. After all, if any of them are acting differently toward each other, they could just write it off as personality growth that comes with being apart for five years. So what makes me think it's Alison that's been swapped out with a twin impersonator? I'm so glad you asked...

It Would Stay True To The Book Series

Those who have read the Sara Shepard novels know that (spoilers!) it was revealed that Alison had a secret twin sister by the name of Courtney, who had continually impersonated her throughout the books. And while King assured ET Online last year that the twin in question won't involve Courtney, that doesn't mean that Ali can't still have an identical counterpart who goes by a different name.

She Was There When Emily Had Her Surgery

Not to take away from this sweet Emison moment or anything, but isn't it a little coincidental that Alison took such a vital interest in Emily's egg donation, especially since it led to them being stolen from the clinic hours later? Sure, maybe Alison really was just concerned about her friend. Or maybe this was actually Alison's impersonator who was looking to gain some leverage on the Liars in order for them to do her bidding. This is assuming that the twin is Uber A and is using the Liars to track down Charlotte's killer, which seems highly possible...

Her Dream Of Jessica DiLaurentis

There are some viewers who think that Mrs. D's reappearance in Ali's hospital room signifies that she is the one with the twin, and while that may very well be true, that's definitely not the only possibility. What if this really was a hallucination, but it wasn't made by Ali, but rather by her twin, who never really got to know her mother growing up?

She's Never Around When The Liars Text With Uber A

Sure, Uber A could be one of their twins, which would make it possible for them to be in two places at once, but Ali is never present during any of these interactions, which seems kinda odd. Could this be because she doesn't just have a secret twin — she is the secret twin?

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