What Colors Will Puma Fierce Sneakers Come In?

Puma and Kylie Jenner made quite a splash on Monday when they announced the new Puma Fierce sneakers. Set to be released online and in stores on April 1, the athleisure-friendly shoes are already shaping up to be quite the covetable new accessory. So, what colors will the Puma Fierce Sneakers come in?

The new shoe kicked off its ad campaign with a couple of stylish shots of Kylie modeling the design — she posted one to her Instagram account, along with a caption singing the praises of the "lightweight trainer with zero excuses." Created to be worn both inside and outside the gym, the sneaker features a stylish high-tongue, and a laceless design, and will reportedly debut this April in four different colors — but what will the four colors be?

Well, unfortunately, so far, the only color that's been revealed from the new collection is black — the ads feature Kylie wearing the new performance sneakers in that shade — but it shouldn't be too hard to guess the other three colors, right? Perhaps they'll go the same route as Rihanna's ultra-popular Fenty trainers, and go with classic shades of black, white, and red. That would still leave room for one more shade, though — how about a simple charcoal grey? A nice cobalt blue to match the outfit Kylie's wearing below could also be nice. Ooh, or how cool would a two-toned shoe be?

That said, no matter which four colors come first, a larger selection of shades will be quick to follow — according to a press release sent to Bustle, new colors will be released throughout 2016. So, whichever color you want, you thankfully won't have to wait too long — plus, a staggered release might make it easier to get your hands on a pair before they sell out.

Image: Courtesy of Puma