Jaden Smith Isn't Here For Your Gender Norms

by Marc Cuenco

Even though he's mostly let his clothes do much of the talking for him, Jaden Smith has rarely been so vocal about his role in challenging society's gender norms. In the latest issue of British GQ Style, Smith finally breaks his silence about being considered a gender neutral style icon. However, it seems that the young actor and Louis Vuitton model isn't so much into being labeled as some poster boy for a specific movement, but rather as someone who understands that the clothes we wear should not dictate gender.

"I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms," Smith said. "I feel like people don’t really get it. I’m not saying that I get it, I’m just saying that I’ve never seen any distinction. I don’t see man clothes and woman clothes, I just see scared people and comfortable people."

For someone who's been called everything from a "nuclear narcissist" to "a f*cking asshole" by the media, I read a statement like this from the 17-year-old and applaud him. I understand that Smith comes from a famous family and he's aligned himself with an important topic that most teens would feel too afraid or threatened to speak up about. But, there is something to be said for a young person like him to stand up and defend his personal style choices in such an honest and inspired manner.

More importantly, while Smith isn't the only public figure repping gender fluid fashion, he's certainly part of helping other non-binary individuals to be acknowledged in the mainstream. People like Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose and model/gender capitalist Rain Dove are also taking a stand against the gender binary.

Brands, such as Zara and Target, are also helping the movement become more mainstream, making major changes to include ungendered clothing available for all.

Whether or not you're a fan of Jaden Smith's, one thing's for sure — he's a true inspiration.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You keep doing you, Jaden.

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