Ashley Benson Still Believes In Haleb

If you're an avid and longtime supporter of Haleb on Pretty Little Liarsand shed actual tears when the two broke up (no judgement) — you, my friend, are not alone. Ashley Benson, the actress who plays Hanna Marin apparently shares your feelings. Solidarity! It's what PLL fandom is all about. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Benson to talk the Season 6 finale, the much buzzed about "twin twist," and the most important thing of all: her devastation regarding the Haleb breakup. The interview revealed that Benson still loves Haleb on Pretty Little Liars and that she "cried" when she heard the two were ending things. Same. I mean, what? Anyway.

Benson has been open about her team Haleb status before. She and Tyler Blackburn even made shirts to commemorate their relationship. (I know, right? Stop it, you two. You're killing me.) Even though, over the course of that five-year time jump, the fictional duo grew apart and broke up, Benson's not so far off to hold out hope for a Haleb reunion — or at the very least, to still be supportive of their relationship. After all, nothing major, terrible, or unforgivable happened between them. And sure, he's with Spencer now, but this is Pretty Little Liars, you guys. When has there ever not been some sort of twist, turn, or surprise? Nothing's impossible in Rosewood. Except for cops actually doing their job.

I'm getting ahead of myself, so here, let's just have Benson do the talking. She's able to put into words what all the Haleb supporters are currently thinking, but can't find the sounds to express through all the tears. "There's no other guy for Hanna," Benson has told ET. And to that I say, BLESS. Exactly.

Benson went on to share more anecdotes about her devastation, further proving that she is a woman of my heart. She said, "I called Tyler [Blackburn] and was like, 'You'll never believe what I just heard!' He was like, 'What?!' And I'm like, 'We're not going to get married!' I thought we were going to get married, have kids, and then I find out that we're breaking up." Honestly, Benson, we all had the same thoughts. You are one of us now. Welcome. Have a seat.

Benson continued, "I think I was the most depressed out of any of the fans", which is a bold statement, but I won't argue with her. "I'm so depressed. I go on YouTube and look at Hanna and Caleb videos 24/7 just because I'm so depressed about it." That's some dedication. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of that for her. Stand up for what you believe in, Benson, and the world will follow. Except by "the world" I really mean I. Marlene King, who Benson has tried to reason with already. Benson told ET that she approached the writer's room — I would like to think, in a dramatic fashion — and asked, "How we can get this different? Can we just do one episode where they're not together?"

Apparently King — I would like to think, after spinning around dubiously in her incredibly oversized chair — replied, "Ashley, the fans have to go through this." And well, here we are. Going through it. (Are you happy King?! Also, do you love your chair?) There's only one thing left to articulate.

Haleb 4 evah.

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