There Was A 'Mean Girls' Reunion Dinner

Now we know who'd show up to Northshore High School's 10 year reunion together to let everyone know that they're still friends — Cady and Damian. Lindsay Lohan and her Mean Girls costar Daniel Franzese met up in New York City last night for dinner, where they probably laughed about Amy Poehler teaching Rajiv Surendra how to rap. They might be 10 years removed from high school, but you still can't sit with them — and apparently neither can the rest of their 2004 costars.

Mean Girls has been all over it lately making us feel nostalgic and old as it celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Mark Waters revealed "10 Juicy Stories" about the making of the film on Wednesday and two weeks ago the Internet premiered a video of the film re-imagined with kittens (it's amazing). So of course we're excited to see that these two are still friends.

Lohan posted a photo of pair following their reunion dinner on her Instagram account Wednesday night and tagged Franzese in a caption that reads: "#soquiche #werknyc". Why not "#sofetch"? C'mon, Lindsay, we know you're still as obsessed with quoting Mean Girls as we are. Franzese posted the same photo on his own account with a more appropriately nostalgic caption: "Sexy #regram from @lindsaylohan a Classic NYC moment after an amazing dinner at #BodegaNegra. You can't sit with us!"

Here's the photo from Lohan's account:

You love it. You also love imagining that these two act exactly like their characters in real life. Old habits diehard, right? So here's what we hope the Lohan and Franzese's reunion dinner was like:

Daniel Played With His Food

Hopefully not to this extent, but maybe.

They'd Discuss LiLo's Hair Color

"I know, right?!"

She'd Tell Him About Her New Movie

I mean, obviously he's going to react honestly.

They'd Gossip About Someone Who's On Crack Now

Or someone who's on their way to rehab now because of crack.

They'd Gossip About Lizzy Caplan Not Showing Up Or Why They Didn't Invite Her

They wouldn't be able to talk about her and Masters of Sex (and her guest-starring role of New Girl, etc...) if she'd actually been there. "I mean, I guess she was just too busy to come."

LiLo Would Complain About The Tabloids

To which Daniel would mock her by doing this:

But it'd be all in good fun and they'd share a laugh over it.

They'd Agree That It Was A Great Choice To Meet On Hump Day

Because Wednesdays can be so hard.

And Then Part Ways (But Not Before Taking Their Photo)

But really, where was Lizzy Caplan for this? C'mon, Janis.

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