DateADev, A New Techie Dating Service, May Be The Hippest Thing In The World

We may have reached peak Millennial. Of all the new dating sites that have been popping up, this one is especially niche: DateADev, a dating site for developers. It's a dating site, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than making matches or being an online dating platform itself, it helps you work with what you already have – dating profiles, matches, etc — gives you advice and helps you navigate the dating world. It seems like more of a coaching site, and that may be just what devs need.

Becca Goldman and Mahvish Gazipura, the founders, who both work at Amazon headquarters, say that devs have particular dating challenges. Firstly, Goldman told The Daily Dot: "We have heard from them that it is difficult for them to stand out from the crowd in Seattle due to the dating scene being dominated by men". Secondly, there is a problem that devs tend to be "self-conscious about portraying their true interests and personality in their online dating profiles,"making online dating particularly difficult. We all know that not be honest or yourself in your profile just means you're going get crappy matches— which can massively discouraging and sort of make you want to get out the game, especially if you're already really busy with work. So maybe, between dating advice and profile help, they're onto something. The site says:

Are you an overworked tech industry employee? Does it feel like you are spending more of your precious time putting out fires than searching for sparks in your own life? If potential suitors are struggling to understand your SQL skills, or if trying to explain Java over an Americano is leaving you feeling frustrated, we can help.

It doesn't come cheap, although there are varying levels of enrollment you can sign up for (from a one off consultation fee of $99 all the way up to a $599 per month subscription for the platinum plan), but as it's aimed for hardworking techies with not much time but plenty of money, it's probably not a problem for their target demographic.

If DateADev isn't for you, but you still need something particularly hip, here are some other young and cool (aka too hip for me) options:

1. Clover

The "Uber of dating" capitalizes on the fast-paced, instant gratification tendencies you love and adds a romantic twist. You name the time and place, and it finds someone to meet you. High risk, yes, but maybe high reward as well.

2. Wyldfire

Bumble may be female-driven, by Wyldfire is female-curated. Men can't join unless they've been invited by a female, hopefully meaning that there is a no-creeps policy. Although I wouldn't wholeheartedly trust all my friends' taste in men, so may be good to still have your guard up.


That extra "t" isn't fooling anyone, you know what this app is about— SWEATT matches you with other people who like to break one. Part of the matching process involves entering how often you like to work out, at what time of day, with what exercises, so it's hard to say if you're going to find love or gym-buddy, but if you're looking for either this is the app for you.

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