7 Reasons To Work Out At Night, Because Not Everyone Is An Early Bird

When it comes to questions about fitness, there seems to be a million different answers. Some experts emphasize strength training, others believe in interval training, and everyone has a different opinion about how and when you should be exercising. But, there are some convincing reasons to work out at night. That's right, I'm telling you to stop setting your alarm for 5 a.m. and pretending like you're actually going to make it to that early morning spin class — you can just hit the gym at night instead, trust me.

From the early energy boost to elevated self-confidence, there are plenty of reasons to work out in the morning, but if you aren't the rise-and-shine kind of person, then there are also plenty of excuses to exercise at night. If you're worried about being too burnt out from long working hours or having a lack of motivation at the end of the day, don't be, because as we know, working out is a great way to be a more energetic person over all, even if you wait until nighttime to do it.

One of the main reasons people don't work out is because they don't have the time, but if you get into the right routine of nightly exercise you'll find you always have time for a little physical activity. Whether you like to go running, do yoga, or hit the weights, you'll love these seven reasons to work out at night.

1. You Will Sleep Better

There's a common myth that working out at night keeps you up, but the truth is that any kind of daily exercise, no matter the time, is good for you. Exercising regularly helps you fall asleep more easily and get a better quality of sleep, period, so go ahead and hit the gym at 9 p.m. No more excuses.

2. It Helps You Release Stress At The End Of The Day

Whether it's your feet pounding against the pavement or your fists pounding the punching bag, working out is a great stress reliever, and when do you need to let off steam more than at the end of the day? All the annoying people you had to talk to, the crises you had to solve, and the general nonsense you have to deal with on a daily basis can really get to you, and hitting the gym at the end of a stressful day helps you release all the built up tension and anxiety.

3. You Won't Feel Rushed

When you work out in the morning, you're constantly staring at the clock, trying to figure out how many more sets you can get in before you have to rush to the shower and get ready for work. When you work out at night, however, that isn't a problem, because all of the to-dos of your day are behind you. You can take your time without feeling stressed or rushed to move on to the next thing, making your time exercising more enjoyable and productive.

4. You'll Make Healthier Choices After Work

How many times have you found yourself stuffing your face with bar food and sipping cheap drinks during happy hour after work? Yeah, me too, but that's another reason to work out at night. When you're signed up for a 7 p.m. pilates class, you're more likely to say no to after work drinks and yes to breaking a sweat. Trust me, it really works.

5. It Will Be A More Intense Workout At Night

According to a study conducted by the Clinical Research Center of the University of Chicago, people who exercise later in the day and after work have a more intense workout than those who work out earlier in the day. Protein synthesis peaks in the evening, which makes it a great time to do things like weight training. Forget sluggish push ups in the early morning hours, and instead opt for a nightly routine that really gives you the best workout you can have.

6. You Won't Have To Fight The Crowds At The Gym

Like going to the gym in the morning isn't bad enough, you also have to fight the crowds and even wait in line for a machine. When you exercise at night during off-peak hours, you don't have to deal with an over-crowded weight room or lines at the treadmill. Your time at the gym will be well spent with more time moving and less time wasted.

7. It Could Be Easier To Stick To Your Routine

Are you just not a morning person? Try as you might, you can't get out of bed when your alarm goes off, reminding you to go to the gym, meaning you never actually go. Trust me, I know the feeling, but when you switch up your routine to one later in the day, you might find it easier to stick to your workout. The most important thing is that you find what works for you, because there is no end to the benefits of exercise.

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