How To Copy Taylor Swift's Beach Look From Her Romantic Vacation With Calvin Harris — PHOTOS

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are basically breaking the Internet right now with their adorableness. While I'm all for the couple's cute kisses, I personally care more about how to copy Taylor Swift's beach look from her vacation pics. She's captured #IWokeUpLikeThis casual glam, and I'm about to break down how you can, too!

But before we get into it, let's pause for a second: can you believe Swift and Harris started dating basically over a year ago? The super famous duo seem seriously committed considering they spent Christmas together, and are now off skipping across the sand somewhere dreamy and tropical. I don't know about you, but my fingers are crossed the two don't have to break up, although heartbreak definitely causes T-Swift to release some epic albums. Maybe her next one can be about how "it's gonna be forever?!" A girl can dream.

As for Swift's beach look, she's been spotted so far rocking an athletic-vibe structured bikini, along with a simple black boho drawstring lace swimsuit. And, because she's a celebrity and they have super powers, her hair has managed to look beachy waves-perfect in every single photo. Of course.

Although Swift didn't share where her swimsuits are from or what hair products she's using, I've pulled together everything you need to get her looks for yourself.

The Athletic Vibe Two Piece

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Here's how you can cop her style.

1. Color Block Bikini

Color Block Bikini Top, $70, Bottoms, $50, Maaji

This teal/blue combo keeps the tropical vibe on high.

2. Color Block With Adjustable Straps

Plus Color Block With Adjustable Straps, $31, Bottoms, $29, Junarose

Adjustable straps make this swimsuit super adaptable.

The Boho Black Lace Bikini

I need this! Check the styles below to capture the vibe!

1. Classic Bikini

Plus Size La Boheme Top, $88, Hipster Bottoms, $60, Becca

It's basically identical to Swift's!

2. Openwork One-Piece

Openwork One-Piece, $118, Becca

Lock down all that boho with this sweet and sexy one-piece.

The Effortless Wavy Hair

Like, why is her hair so good? Get those soft waves for yourself with these texture sprays!

1. Salt And Shine Spray

Surf Infusion, $29, Bumble And Bumble

This salt spray has added oils to give your hair a dose of rockstar shimmer.

2. Sea Spray

Sea Spray, $14, Verb

This light mist will give your hair a soft and subtle wave.

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