Did Kylie Jenner Design The Puma Fierce Sneaker? The Answer Will Surprise You

There's no doubt that the PUMA Fierce sneaker is going to be popular once it's released on Apr. 1. It's a cool pair of shoes backed by a hip brand. But above all, the face of the campaign belongs to none other than the biggest fashionista/social media maven/Lip Kit queen around. But did Kylie Jenner help design the PUMA Fierce Sneaker? UPDATE: A representative from PUMA confirmed that Jenner did not have a hand in designing the PUMA Fierce sneaker.

Even though they look like the perfect offspring of Jenner's aesthetic, it appears as though Jenner did not design the new Fierce sneakers, unlike Rihanna who did create her creepers and trainers for the brand. As the newest Brand Ambassador for PUMA, Jenner will be promoting the shoe on social media and she stars in the campaign, but she didn't have a hand in designing the new style. Bustle has reached out to PUMA for confirmation on Jenner's role with the brand and will update this post if we get a response.

Considering how much Jenner has a hand in these days, this may come as quite a surprise. She's been seen working at the factory where her super popular Lip Kits are produced, she's published screenshots of her own Kylie character on her gaming Application, co-hosted with older sis Kendall, and she even helped design fun-colored hair extensions with Bellami Hair back in 2014. She's got a hand in just about everything these days!

There's no doubt in my mind that Jenner's endorsement will probably help the PUMA Fierce sneaks rise in popularity. There's a reason the brand wanted her on board: she's got a knack for making anything and everything sell. Plus, with 54 million followers on Instagram (and counting) it's clear that her fans are willing to support her every endeavor. Even though Jenner didn't design the shoe herself, there's no denying it's super, well, fierce. Plus, with Rihanna sign on as PUMA's creative director, that's a double-whammy for celeb-loving fashion fans.

So, if you don't have the date circled on your calendar already, be sure to mark down when you can get your hands on a pair of these bad boys!