5 Theories on Justin Bieber's Shirtlessness

We're all painfully aware that Justin Bieber loves to go shirtless — he might actually love it more than hot boxing his private jet, making it rain at strip clubs, AND getting arrested. The "Confident" singer is shirtless 99 percent of the time these days and it looks like Bieber's taken his sans-shirt look to the club.

Bieber's had a busy few days in Atlanta — the singer played hockey with the Atlanta Knights, played video games with T-Pain, hit the studio with Diddy, and hit up the popular club Vanquish on Wednesday evening. And he was in good company, arriving and spending the night with Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jermaine Dupri, Rick Ross, and rumored girlfriend Chantel Jeffries.

We're not sure if Bieber showed up without a shirt or if he lost it at some point during his wild night with some of the rap game's finest, but he definitely ended the night without one. So where did it go, and why did it go? Here are our theories on why he might have needed to shed his tee:

1) Chantel Jeffries Spilled Or Threw Her Drink on Him

Chantel reads a text over his shoulder, throws her drink in his face, storms off, and that's that. Obviously Bieber's not going to wear his drink-covered shirt when he spends so much time in the gym perfecting his abs, so off comes the soiled shirt and it's shirtless party time.

2) Diddy & Rick Ross Gave Him A Champagne Shower

I mean, he was at the club with some serious high rollers probably celebrating one thing or another (judging by the bottles in their hands) we've seen this happen plenty of times in rap videos. Popping bottles comes with the territory and considering they spent time in the studio, they might be toasting to Bieber the Boy Wonder by showering him with expensive champagne.

3) He Was Hot

Bieber never wears a shirt when he's in the dance studio. Which might mean that he's one of those chronically overheated people who begins to sweat after the slightest physical activity or if the temperature is a degree higher than their comfort zone. So, he probably showed off one too many of his impressive dance moves, got a little warm, and felt the need to strip down.

4) Another Person Was Wearing The Same Shirt

Bieber has no interest in playing "who wore it best" with some random at a club.

5) "I'm Too Sexy" Was Playing

He thinks he's sexy and he definitely thinks he's too sexy for his shirt.

Image: JustinBieber/Instagram