'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Wants Juan Pablo On 'The Bachelorette' & No, Just, No

Here's some news that's the opposite of "OK": Juan Pablo wants to crawl his way back into the Bachelor family, and even worse, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss wants Juan Pablo back. Yes, according to Fleiss's Twitter, he'd "love to have" J.P. In case you missed it, after literally no one asked, Pablo decided to share some opinions about JoJo Fletcher — Ben Higgins's runner up and our next Bachelorette — on Twitter. First, like a true gentleman, he spoke to her looks, claiming that although he's only seen her in like 20 pics, "#SheCute." Then, he decided to drop this incredibly ill planned idea on the world: "If she is the NEXT bachelorette, I MIGHT have to sing up AGAIN..." Did you hear that? It's the sound of everyone in Bachelor nation shaking their damn heads.

It's ridiculous to think that Fletcher would actually keep Pablo around because she liked him — unless homeboy has somehow radically changed (though by the looks of these aforementioned tweets, I'd say probs not). In effect, we'd all know that Pablo would only be there to boost the ratings. And that, fellow Bachelor nation, would be such a disservice to all of us who got tired of watching him the first time around.

Most reality show fans are pretty well aware of the fact that they keep certain people around, even if they don't feel a connection with them. Because how boring would it be if you got rid of a Lace or an Olivia on night one? We see this kind of manipulation being done right before our eyes, and we watch it anyway because it's entertaining. I mean, entertainment is what we bought the ticket for when we carved out two hours of our Monday nights to watch a socially accepted version of polygamy unfold before our eyes. (And gladly. We all gladly do it, because it's amazing.) But there comes a point when it's just too much, too far fetched to accept as truth. This would fall under that category.

Believability aside, would a Juan Pablo cameo be fascinating to watch? Almost certainly. But to give someone who has disregarded the feelings of multiple women another chance at fame — and hence, more fortune! — is just something I'm not willing to get behind, no matter the amusement level. In fact, I'm 100 percent sure that I don't like this...

A lot. Insert wink here.

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