How The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Could Still Include Sookie, Despite Melissa McCarthy's Recent Comments

I’m not one to hold onto false hope, but when it comes to the revival of a certain beloved series, I will do anything in the world to believe that Melissa McCarthy might still make a Gilmore Girls revival appearance in one of the four Netflix-produced episodes. So when she spoke to E! News about how the wires got crossed regarding her potential return to Gilmore Girls, but didn’t give a hard "no," I immediately started counting my chickens before they hatched and thinking of all the ways that Sookie could still return for the Gilmore revival.

Just listen to what she had to say on the matter: When asked if she were returning to Stars Hollow to reprise her role as Sookie St. James, McCarthy said exclusively to E!, “I don’t think I am.” Ummm... what?

That is pretty far from "no," Ms. McCarthy. Imagine that answer in a different context. Like, imagine if you asked your best friend if she were pregnant, and she said, “I don’t think so.” Wouldn’t that immediately make you super suspicious that your friend was pregnant? In my opinion, that is the most evasive form of "no" that a person can use.

So just in case McCarthy is playing games with our hearts, here are all of the ways that I think Amy Sherman-Palladino could easily include the Ghostbusters actress in the revival, even if she is a few weeks late to start shooting. And until McCarthy confirms in exact words that she is not at all involved with the Netflix revival, I’m going to continue hoping that there is a way that she will surprise us all and show up on my screen. Here's how it could work:

She Could Only Be In One Or Two Episodes


This is the easiest fix, because she wasn’t in every episode of the show anyway, and in most episodes she had a pretty small part. So it wouldn’t be weird at all if she showed up in the last two or even just the last one.

She & Lorelai Could Be At Odds (Say It Ain't So!)


If that were the reason that Sherman-Palladino had created for why Sookie wasn’t around, then it would make it even sweeter if she returned for the last episode and the two friends reconciled.

She Could Come Back For The Wedding


If she has been off in New York City being a big time chef, or if there is something else keeping her out of Stars Hollow, the rumored Gilmore Girls wedding would be the perfect reason for her to return.

There Could Be A Dream Sequence


Those Gilmore Girls dream sequences really are the best, so having Sookie show up for a bit part in one of Lorelai’s dreams — one that perfectly sums up her entire inner emotional state — would be absolutely amazing.

She Could Attend Lorelai’s (Potential) Bachelorette Party


If that wedding happens to be Lorelai’s, then flying her best friend in for the bachelorette would be the best gift — so much better than sexy lingerie that she’d never wear, anyway. Plus, we already know McCarthy makes one hell of a Bridesmaid.

She Could Show Up In The Bloopers Reel


This wouldn’t be as narratively satisfying as having her in the actual show, but how amazing would it be if there was just a shot of McCarthy surprising everyone on set.

She Could Stop By As A Random Extra


I personally love this idea. Only the most dedicated of fans would find her, sipping coffee in Luke’s diner or loading up a cone at Taylor’s ice cream shop. She could be like a Where’s Waldo of Gilmore Girls.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to live under the assumption that Sookie is coming back, because a few months of blind optimism and then four hours of disappointment is way better than the other way around.

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