12 Questions 'O.C.' Fans Are Still Asking

It's been almost a decade since we the last episode of The O.C. aired on Fox, but on the bright side, we're pretty damn close to the actual time from the series flash-forward to when OTP Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts got married. It was a hard blow to dedicated Cohen fangirls (raise of hands) who were hoping Cohen would jump out of the television and marry them instead, but it made sense within the context of the show; the duo weren't just #relationshipgoals to the max, they were undeniably meant for eachother. Now, left to the devices of fanfiction and with no Gilmore Girls-style revival in sight, fans are all left wondering what Seth and Summer are up to today.

I mean, we got some sneak peaks about what the duo what might be up to in 2016, and, if things progressed in a predictable way, they’d probably be hitting all the usual milestones that come with adulthood. You know, having children, purchasing real estate, Seth becoming the most important comic book artist of a generation, et al. Still, the mind boggles, so I decided we should properly powwow and ponder about the ultimate O.C. couple.

Here are all the questions that The O.C. left us about Seth and Summer... with the answers sure to come if we really campaign hard for that reunion. Or hey, I know I'd "settle" for a Veronica Mars-esque movie follow-up.

1. Which Death Cab For Cutie Song Was The First Song At Their Wedding?

The question is not did they use a Death Cab track for their song, but rather which one? Actually, that's me being very close minded about Seth's extensive taste in music. It could've just as easily been Bright Eyes.

2. Did They End Up Living On The East Coast Or Move Home To Newport Beach?

I feel like it could've gone either way. Aside from his aversion to rain, Seth is an East Coaster at heart, and, although she found a new home at Brown, Summer's the quintessential Valley girl.

3. Do They Keep In Contact With Anna And/Or Zach?

I mean, Seth went to prom with Anna and Zach owns the rights to Atomic County or like... something weird. The point is, this couple keeping in contact with their exes is entirely plausible, but I just don't know if any interactions would be non-awkward at this point, or if the Cohens respectively have their exes friended-but-hidden from their Facebook feeds.

4. Does Seth Have To Jump On A Coffee Cart Every Time He Does Something Wrong?

Like, every time he forgets to take out the garbage, he has to make this whole production?

5. Do They Have Any Children?

It's about time Seth channels his inner Sandy for some heart-to-hearts.

6. What Would Be Their Children's Names?

I'm leaning towards Little Marissa and Ben Gibbard Cohen.

7. And They Totally Made Ryan And Taylor Godparents, Right?

Or wait, would Godparent-ing even be a thing in this dual-faith household?

8. Like, What Religion Would They Raise Their Children As?

I guess would be a combo of both, with heavy emphasis on Chrismukkah.

9. What Are They Both Doing Professionally?

I hope Seth is leveraging a few of his own comic titles into becoming blockbusters, and that Summer kept her environmentalist leanings and is out there saving the world her own way.

10. Do Captain Oats And Princess Sparkle Have Their Own Stable In The Cohen Household?

God forbid this is not canon.

11. Which One Is Killing It More On Social Media?

I mean, Seth would rule Twitter, but Summer would have a perfectly curated Instagram.

12. Would They Even Still Be Together After All These Years?

OK, nobody's sitting here trying to suggest that Seth and Summer should ever break up... but here's hoping that a trip to New York Comic Con doesn't end with Cohen running off with a Waldorf.

These burning questions are just going to have to keep burning until the TV gods grant my wishes to bring The O.C. back for a revival. It's got to happen if we want it badly enough, right?

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