Maddie Ziegler Can Rock Serious Performance Hair

Whether her hair is edgy for a dramatic number, or soft for a romantic song, Maddie Ziegler's best performance hair looks are seriously stunning. These 'dos prove that Ziegler is not only a fabulous and detail-oriented dancer, but also a beauty icon in the making.

From her adorableness in the reality show Dance Moms to her breathtaking performances in Sia's music videos to her upcoming appearance as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance , it's officially common knowledge that 13-year-old is beyond talented. But it doesn't take long to realize she's also got the chops to be gorgeous beauty inspiration, either. In every performance, Ziegler's hair is perfectly done and coiffed to coincide with the theme of her routine. While it's clear ther sense of style gives her the upper hand on the red carpet, there's no doubt Ziegler's dance hair looks are drop-dead-gorgeous as well, and worth noting. Or, you know, pinning to your Pinterest board as inspiration for your next 'do.

So, without further ado, here are 11 of Ziegler's best on stage hair moments. From long flowing strands to chopped bobs, to the Sia classic, get ready to make her your ultimate #HairGoals.

1. Ballerina Bun

As a dancer, it only makes sense that Ziegler is a pro at the ballerina bun. Her hair is pulled back tight and wrapped into a donut-like bun, and I'd bet she could do this hairstyle in her sleep.

2. Pulled Back With A Flower Crown

Ziegler very well can't have her hair bothering her in the middle of a performance, but she keeps it pulled back in high fashion. Check out her gorgeous flower crown in an Instagram post from last year. It looks gorgeous with her red lip.

3. Braided Bun

Not only does this video showcase Ziegler's awesome dancing skills, but her hair also looks so cute. Paired with the old school song and her adorable ensemble, the braided bun was a perfect choice for her tap dance performance.

4. Embellished

The outfits Zieger is required to wear on-stage sometimes tie back into her hair as well. This floral embellished head piece looks stunning with the matching two-piece set. It's not easy pulling off a look like this one, but obviously Ziegler does it so well.

5. Sia Cropped Bob

Considering Ziegler is basically just mini Sia, you know she rocks the singer's 'do often. In Sia's video for "Cheap Thrills," Ziegler rocks the two-tone cropped bob once again, having worn similar looks in previous music videos for the artist. They truly make an adorable duo!

6. Wrapped Up

There's no denying a wrapped up-do like this one is perfect for special occasions, nights out, and, as Ziegler proves, dance performances. How elegant does she look!?

7. Tall Ponytail

Ziegler's hair has always been super long, which gives it that extra oomph when it's in a high ponytail.

8. Halo Braids

With a bun close to her hairline, the braided and coiffed detail almost makes it look like the braids go around her head like a halo. There's no doubt quite a bit of hairspray and bobby pins went into this. Even so, it's almost like a work of art, no?

9. Messy Bun

Yes, even a professional dancer can appreciate the ease and simplicity of a messy bun.

10. Braided Pony

The bun and the pony tail hairstyles are good defaults for Ziegler, since she's so active and her hair needs to be out of her face. But it's always interesting to see how she rocks them. With this ponytail, Ziegler braided her hair for a chic, unexpected element.

11. Textured Pony

Talk about drama! If this pony tail were teased any more, it'd be bigger than Ziegler herself!

It won't be long before we see Ziegler's hair making headlines. Oh wait... I guess it has already!

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