7 Maddie Ziegler Makeup Tips Because We Can All Learn Something From The 12-Year-Old Sensation

Wise beyond her age when it comes to beauty, Maddie Ziegler is definitely giving us all a run for our money. When it comes to red carpet appearances, runways, or performances, Maddie Ziegler inspired makeup tips and killer looks are never few and far between. Even though she's only 12 years old, I have no qualms with admitting that the dancer is a personal beauty icon of mine.

With a reality show (Dance Moms), a Grammy performance (Sia's "Chandelier"), and many other dance recitals under her belt — not to mention all the other activities she has going on, from being a model to a brand ambassador — Ziegler is quickly climbing the celebrity ladder. That means us commoners are getting hair and makeup tips inspired by the star left, right, and center. While most of us trip up with our beauty routines from time to time (whether that means wearing too much powder or putting lipstick on our teeth), Ziegler's track record is totally clean, and will likely stay that way. She always looks natural, stunning, and at ease within herself, which is quite the feat for anyone if you ask me.

I don't know about you, but when I was 12 years old, I thought the correct way to wear blush was by spreading it all over my face. Keep that in mind while you admire the following seven makeup looks from Maddie Ziegler, and a few tips inspired by her routine. Despite her young age, Ziegler knows a good beauty look, including a perfect application of blush.

1. Less Is More

Ziegler isn't one to pile on the makeup. At 12 years old, I personally don't think you should be worrying about foundation, concealer, or lip liner anyway, but perhaps following the premise of "less is more."

Instead of trying to layer on products to fix whatever "problem areas" you think you have, why not try opting for something like the no makeup makeup look? You can even cut some products out of your makeup routine entirely. If Ziegler can make her runway debut at the Ralph Lauren Polo presentation with nothing on her face but a smile, you can step out of the house without concealer or lip gloss. Hey, the minimalist thing might surprise you.

2. Embrace Your Natural Hair

You don't need products in order to survive, let alone three different curling irons to get the "perfect" waves. Just as Ziegler embraces her natural hair, you can too.

There's something so effortless and pretty about hair in its natural state. While your locks might curl, frizz, become super flat, or get too big, it's worth staying away from the products and tools for a day or two and seeing what your hair does when left alone.

3. Play With Color

I love the bright pink streaks in Ziegler's hair for the Capezio x Betsey Johnson campaign. It's fun, playful, and cute. Take a tip from Ziegler and try something adventurous and unique once in a while.

Whether you're actually dyeing your hair, buying a few colorful extensions, purchasing new hair accessories, or trying out a new style of makeup, your beauty routine should be a creative outlet.

4. Get Inspired

Ziegler's appearance in British songstress Sia's music videos ("Big Girls Cry" and "Chandelier") not only put her on the music map, but had her performing on the Grammy stage. It's easy to see how much of a creative influence Sia made on Ziegler, considering the pair wore matching outfits, wigs, and tattoos on the Grammy red carpet. The important lesson here: Don't be afraid of taking inspiration from those who are very different to you.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whether you're 12, 21, or 42, everyone should be able to wear blue eye shadow if they want to. Rules are there for a reason: To be broken. Instead of just following the grain — like people trying to tell you blue eyeshadow is just for kids — try something you might not normally go for.

Orange lipstick? It can be done. The reverse smoky eye trend? Totally doable! Try everything, and if you don't like it, no harm is done. If you do, though? Well then, you'll a new favorite makeup look in your arsenal.

6. Let Your Creativity Show

Considering Zielger is a performer, her face is probably well acquainted with heavy makeup. Whether you want to experiment with cosmetics or not, it's worth letting your creativity take control. Play with those colors on your eyeshadow palette that you never wear, or that dark lipstick you still haven't used. Even if you are going to wash it off before you leave the house, it's fun to see what you can create.

7. But Don't Force It

Ultimately, if you're not feeling it, don't force anything upon yourself. It's clear that even at 12 years old, Ziegler has a good idea of what she likes and what she wants to look like. From her more done up looks to the times she's barely wearing any makeup or hair product at all, she always looks comfortable. While I can't really say the same for me at 21 years old, I can admire her courage and willingness to be herself.

If there's one thing Ziegler's beauty looks prove, though, it's this: Wear your hair and do your makeup the way you like it. That's the most important tip of all.

Images: Betsey Johnson