Get The Sweet Peach Palette At These Online Shops

Every since Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette was first announced, the excitement has taken social media by storm. So much so, that it sold out online almost as fast as the Kylie Lip Kits. If you didn't get you hands on the sweet smelling palette yet, there's still time. While the product won't be in stores until April, it's looking like you'll have to wait until around the same time to shop the Sweet Peach Palette on online at a handful of retailers.

Whether you're excited because of the smell, the 18 stunning colors, or a combination of both, you'll be happy to know that the Sweet Peach Palette will be sold at four different online locations coming soon. Originally, Too Faced announced on Instagram that the palette would be coming to online beauty sites in late March, but it's looking like April is a little more realistic. Whereas there's no official date that the palette will be online, the Sweet Peach palette will be in Ulta stores the week of April 3 and at Sephora the week of April 15.

If you're still looking to buy online rather than brave the crowds, odds are that it will be selling online right around the same time as the in-store releases. The extended date might not be ideal, but the wait is definitely worth it when you have this gorgeous palette in your hands.

As of now, still has "coming soon" printed next to the product, so to play it safe, I'd keep checking refreshing the page every now and then. Instead of selling the Sweet Peach Palette on the original HSN release date, the company has put together a limited time four-piece Too Faced set in its place. That's nothing like getting a brand new palette, but fans seem to be equally as excited about the deal.

Sweet Peach Palette, SOLD OUT,

With the gorgeous neutrals and pop of color, this palette will definitely be worth the wait. Not to mention the Ulta description says the peach scent is actually mood enhancing, so you'll be happy happy as soon as you open it up — whenever that may be. Let's just hope the wait is shorter rather than longer.

Images: Too Faced (1), Giphy (1)