The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3 Cast Won't Be Announced For Awhile, But Hopefully These Ladies Join

There have been a slew of announcements pertinent to Bachelor fans over the course of the last couple of weeks. First, there was the answer to our biggest question of all: Who will Ben Higgins choose to marry? Lauren Bushnell is one lucky lady, but equally as fortunate? JoJo Fletcher, who is now the next leading lady of The Bachelorette. Yet another bulletin that Bachelor Nation is eagerly awaiting:

Though, according to People, fans are eagerly waiting to hear about who will be partying with her in the tropics. Chris Harrison revealed to BuddyTV . Harrison's "dream cast" includes twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, tough talking Jubilee Sharpe, single mother Amanda Stanton, and the always intense and always entertaining Olivia Caridi. Though it has not been confirmed on whether or not Harrison will get his wish concerning the casting of the show, it seems that we will have plenty of time to speculate about who will or will not be joining Bachelor in Paradise.

According to ABC, the next season of . This is important for two reasons: There are not that many days in between now and when we get to see JoJo again, and we don't have to wait all that much longer until the cast of Bachelor in Paradise is announced. StarPulse reports that , so that puts the big reveal to be announced around July. That makes sense considering several men from JoJo's season will likely make the trip to Paradise, and they can't be revealed until that season is over. Until then, here are some prime choices from Ben's season whom I'd like to see on Bachelor in Paradise.


The dentist from Portland who flossed Ben's teeth upon first meeting and then proceeded to whoop some ass in a hurdle race? Who wouldn't want to see more of that? Although Mandi was eliminated fairly early on during Ben's season, I would advocate to bring this woman back for more entertainment.


There's a reason that Becca keeps appearing on Bachelor franchises: She likes it, and we like her. IDK about y'all, but I really want this girl to find love in some form, even if it's with Jorge the bartender in Mexico. Plus, she always has killer clothes, so my vote's for more Becca.


Leah may have been a bit of a pot-stirrer, but I admired her spunky attitude. Plus, if she were back on television, it may give her the platform she needs to reveal


When the position of Bachelorette went to JoJo, there were plenty of fans who were upset that the role didn't go to Caila Quinn. The ebullient 24-year-old would make a , so fingers crossed that she makes the trip!

But, no matter who joins the Season 3 cast, it's going to be one entertaining summer.

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