Why Juan Pablo Should Be On 'The Bachelorette'

Just when fans thought they'd seen the last of Juan Pablo Galavis, the former Bachelor star reared his head once more. Having been relatively out of the spotlight since his own infamous stint on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo decided to reemerge to insert his opinion on one of the contestants from the most recent season of the show. When it was announced that JoJo will be the next Bachelorette, Juan Pablo tweeted that he was very interested in joining her season. While the obvious answer to the womanizing former soccer star showing up on JoJo's season would be "no," perhaps there are some reasons that Juan Pablo should appear on The Bachelorette.

Despite the fact that he behaved like a world class jerk at times when he was headlining his season of The Bachelor (and afterwards when he literally refused to ever tell winner Nikki that he loved her), it goes without saying that his turn was extremely entertaining. If fans can take him with a grain of salt, perhaps he would be a good addition to the franchise (again). Don't believe me? Ees OK. Here are seven reasons to convince you that having Juan Pablo on JoJo's season would be a good idea.

1. The Producers Want Him

Producer Mike Fleiss recently tweeted that he would "love" to have Juan Pablo return to JoJo's series. While Fleiss confirmed in his tweets that JoJo's season has already started filming, there is no telling whether or not the disgraced JP was amongst the "wild" bunch of men that Fleiss referred to as being the competitors.

2. He Would Up The Competition Level

Being a veteran to The Bachelor franchise would certainly increase his intel of the show's inner workings over any of the newbies, which might count for something.

3. He Would Up The (Physical) Competition Level

Although it's unclear if JoJo even gives a rat's a** about the physicality of her future bae, if there was a soccer game challenge (á la Ben Higgins' season), then JP would pretty much have the rest of the dudes beat.

4. He Would Add Diversity

Juan Pablo may have received a lot of flak, but he was the first Latino Bachelor, and having him amongst the cast in The Bachelorette again would add some much needed diversity to the show.

5. He Deserves To Not Be In Control

Perhaps if he only has one woman to focus on he'll treat her better? Besides, if he's ever out of line, JoJo can let him know that's not OK, rather than when he was Bachelor and felt like he could do whatever he wanted. Sounds like wishful thinking but I like to think that people have the capacity for self-improvement.

6. He Would Represent The Single Fathers

Though he was the second Bachelor to have a child (Jason Mesnick had a son at the time he starred), it's always nice to see this demographic represented. It's unclear whether or not JoJo would want kids, especially a step-child, but it would be interesting to see her interact with JP's daughter.

7. He Would Be Entertaining AF

There's no denying that JP would really bring the drama, and, for that reason alone, it might be worth giving him a cameo. If only for JoJo to decline to let him vie for her heart and send him packing like Andi did to Chris Bukowski one year.

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