Does JoJo Want Kids? 'The Bachelor' Star Is Already Kind Of A Mom

There are mere hours standing in between fans and the answer to the question that has had fans glued to the screen every Monday since January: Who will Ben Higgins choose to be his Bachelor bride? The final two women — Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher — are both amazing contenders, and Ben seems to be having a lot of trouble trying to choose between them. Perhaps what will really be deciding straw is whether or not JoJo wants kids, or whether Lauren is more ready to start that family Ben keeps talking about. Bustle did reach out to JoJo for her opinion on having kids, but has not yet received a reply.

It's been clear since the beginning that Ben was attracted to JoJo, and he has said many times on camera that he could see JoJo being his wife. Ben also said in an interview with ABC News that he is "definitely ready" to find the person he could have children with. "There is not a question in my mind," Higgins said, further underlining his desire to be a father. Though Ben did not seem as though he was stoked on the idea of being a father to Amanda's children, perhaps Ben just didn't see himself ending up with Amanda, and he could more clearly see himself reproducing with Lauren or JoJo.

Of course, this is all contingent on the hypothetical: Does JoJo even want children? She has expressed that she really loves Ben and could also see herself marrying him, but does that mean she is ready for the responsibility to have children with him?

From the hometown dates, we could see how close JoJo is to her own family. JoJo's older brothers made it abundantly clear how "attached" they are to their little sister, and JoJo's parents' protective nature showed the audience and Ben how close to the heart they keep family matters. Since JoJo values family so highly, this could indicate that she would love to welcome another child into the Fletcher clan.

Another sign that JoJo would love to have children is that she is already a mom (kind of)! JoJo's Instagram is filled with pictures of Jackson, her very handsome dog that she seems to be pretty obsessed with (I don't blame her). Anyone who has ever cared for a pet before knows that it can feel pretty similar to caring for a young child, so maybe JoJo's care for Jackson is practice for a human baby? Or maybe having a dog is enough work as it is, so being Jackson's dogmom will just have to suffice for now.

Although JoJo is young (24 to Ben's 26 years of age), she has always been very measured and down to earth. Her mature nature makes it seem as though she could handle any of life's obstacles, perhaps including a child. There is no way to answer the question of whether or not JoJo wants kids for certain, but what we do know is that if she and Ben do end up together and decide to have children, they would be too stinkin' cute.

Image: ABC