Is Jesse Eisenberg's Hair Real In 'Batman V Superman'? Lex Luthor Sports Some Luscious Locks

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here. And despite all of the hoopla surrounding Batman and Superman duking it out in a movie, and the first-ever big screen appearance of Wonder Woman in her 70 year history, and the fact the film is setting up The Justice League, perhaps the thing about the movie that has people talking the most is Lex Luthor's hair. Seriously, what is up with it? Lex Luthor has almost always been bald, but Jesse Eisenberg's Luthor has wild, out of control, long locks in Batman v Superman. So is Jesse Eisenberg's Batman v Superman hair real, or is he wearing a wig?

All signs point to a wig. Eisenberg's real hair is quite curly, and doesn't in any way resemble the near shoulder-length wavy tendrils his Lex Luthor sports in the film. Luthor also appears completely bald at some point in the film, and for this, Eisenberg shaved his head in real life. So in order for the long hair to be real, Eisenberg would have had to first grow his hair out, film all his long-haired scenes, and then shave it to film his bald scenes. It's technically possible, but not likely.

Fans who think the hair is real may note that Eisenberg did have very similar, shoulder-length hair in last year's American Ultra, as proof to back up their claim. However, Eisenberg's hair in that movie was a wig, which begs the question: if he already had long hair in real life for that role, which filmed immediately before Batman v Superman, then why would he have used a wig and not his natural hair?

So yeah, I'm 99.9 percent certain that Eisenberg is wearing a wig in Batman v Superman, but the question is why? It could be a callback to 1978's Superman, where Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor wore wigs because he was embarrassed over his baldness, but I don't think so. Eisenberg told the Los Angeles Times that the scene where Luthor loses his hair is the "greatest scene" he's ever done, suggesting that the loss of his luxurious locks probably figures into his character development.

The fact that a character's hairstyle is providing this much interest just speaks to the feverish hype surrounding this film. Batman v Superman is going to be a massive hit, meaning that soon everyone will know exactly why Eisenberg was wearing that weird wig while playing Lex Luthor.

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