Jesse Eisenberg Is Lex Luthor In 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' & The First Photo Of Him Looks Very Familiar...

Big, big news in the acting world today: According to Entertainment Weekly, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice — and it seems the actor actually went bald to play Superman's archenemy. Do you remember what comic book fans said when Jesse Eisenberg was first announced as the famed comic character? "He'll be awful," they said. "He'll ruin the character," they said. "He'll ruin our childhood." Well, I bet he's like, "Look at me now!"

We got a taste of what was coming back when a photo of the Now You See Me 2 cast was posted online, but Eisenberg's hair was visibly starting to grow back. This new photo is way more glorious than we ever expected. According to his director, Zack Snyder, "He’s not any of the Lexes that you’ve seen, that’s for sure." This new and more up-to-date iteration of the character will be younger than he's traditionally portrayed. (Remember Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns ?) Eisenberg's interpretation will be more akin with his role in The Social Network — rich beyond reason, a brainiac and blunt.

Gaze into his menacing eyes in the first photo, released on Entertainment Weekly.

I don't know what it is — maybe it's his all-too-serious demeanor, semi-jarring new hairdo or just the fact that it's begging for someone to parody the look — but I can't stop giggling. I have all the faith in the world that Eisenberg will bring the sinister edge to this character come release time on March 25, 2016, but I'm getting a serious Heisenberg vibe from him. In fact, here are seven things that instantly come to mind when looking at his new look.

1. Heisenberg

If you've been keeping up with the latest DC superhero movie news, then you'll get an extra kick out of this comparison. There were rumors going around a while back that claimed Bryan Cranston was up for the Lex Luthor role before Eisenberg's casting. Of course, because this is the Internet, they were largely unfounded, but they sparked an online movement to get the Breaking Bad star in the role. Now that I see Eisenberg as Lex, though, he's definitely serving up I'm-the-one-who-knocks realness. Plus, Eisenberg sounds a lot like Heisenberg. Just saying.

2. Professor X

Sir Patrick Stewart has graciously pulled off the bald look since before some of us were born. The shape of Eisenberg's head is close to that perfect, round shape. It's too bad these guys are on opposite sides — and in opposite worlds (i.e. Marvel vs. DC). Otherwise, I'm sure these higher-intelligent beings would get along famously. And perhaps Luthor could've designed the Professor a better wheelchair. I'm thinking a hover-chair, like in the old cartoon series.

3. Doctor Evil

Whenever the Batman v Superman trailer hits the web, some intrepid YouTuber should go and unearth old footage from Austin Powers and do a Doctor Evil-DC Comics mash-up video. Can you imagine Lex battling the Man of Steel and Caped Crusader with sharks with laser beams attached to their fricken heads? Priceless! Lex and the Spy Who Shagged Me's nemesis are practically one in the same, anyway. The only thing separating them, really, is an excessive use of air quotes.

4. Jade From America's Next Top Model

Stare into Luthor's eyes and tell me what you hear in the back of your mind. Is it, "This is not 'Batman makes friends with Superman'! This is 'Batman v Superman'!" Perhaps I've just watched way too much ANTM in my life to know when it's inappropriately creeping up from my deep subconscious, but Eisenberg's eyes scream Jade, the biggest diva to ever strut the catwalk on the reality competition series. And if you look at pics of Jade during the bald-cap challenge, the link will become clear.

5. Franklin

Aw! Remember Franklin? The lovable, curious and adventurous turtle featured in his own cartoon series on Nick Jr.? Well, now make a side-by-side comparison of him and Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. You can never forget the similarities, can you? Now imagine Franklin building kryptonite-powered weapons of mass destruction with his stuffed blue dog named Sam. Maybe that's how he got his green hue. OK, now I admit I'm going down a geeky road from which I might never return.

6. Zordon

Aside from his physical similarities to Luthor, Zordon has a semi-sadistic brain. Think about it! He kidnapped a group of high school teenagers, transformed them into super-powered soldiers and sent them to go fight an on-going war between Earth and intergalactic alien threats. Who does that? Joseph Kahn, the man who directed a slew of music videos for the likes of Taylor Swift and 50 Cent, made a Power Rangers short film that imagined these kids now all grown up and dealing with PTSD. See? Zordon isn't so holy after all.

7. Voldemort

This might be an obvious one, but a damn good one, nonetheless. Luthor is basically the Dark Lord of the Superman world, constantly trying to end the life of the Kryptonian. If only he had a magic wand to wish the Man of Steel away, that would surely solve all of his problems. Maybe he could steal Zatanna's wand. That's right! I just named dropped an obscure DC comics character that you probably never heard of. Peace!

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