Will Kylie Name A Lip Kit After Kendall?

Whenever I'm looking to get inspiration for keeping my lipstick game on point, I know I can always turn to Kylie Jenner and her fabulous lip kits. Whether it's her orange-y red 22 or her pink Koko K, Kylie's Lip Kits definitely set the tone for spring's biggest lip trends. Yet, I've always wondered, will Kylie name a lip kit after Kendall ? It would seriously be a dream come true if she did.

It makes sense that she would. After having a KoKo K Lip Kit, and recently debuting a Kourt K burgundy Lip Kit, it only seems right that Kendall Jenner should have her own Lip Kit as well. Either that, or Kim K. will have one coming out really soon.

Honestly, I can really feel a Kendall Lip Kit coming though. Not only have the sisters teamed up to create an app, have had multiple fashion campaigns together, and even now have their own designer collection, their bond is also super duper tight. After all, they are each other's only direct siblings.

And with Jenner completely dominating the fashion world, I can only imagine what kind of shades her younger sister would consider for her. Whatever they are, I'm sure they'd be super high fashion and runway-ready. Here are the hues I think Kylie Jenner should consider for Kendall's Lip Kit:

A Bold Red

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's pretty obvious that Jenner has an admiration for the bold red lip look. Whenever she's out and about for events, you can probably always count on her to have that classic red tint on her puckers. And why shouldn't she? It looks amazing on her. Although a Mary Jo K red lip exists, Kylie Jenner could definitely make her sister's hue brighter and punchier.



Since Kourtney Kardashian has a deep burgundy purple, it would be super cool if Jenner went even darker in honor of her fierce, super model sister.



Even though Kylie Lip Kits already include a plethora of nude shades, I feel like it could feature a lighter hue for a Kendall Lip Kit, especially since the model loves rocking that gentle peachy sun-kissed look.

Baby Pink

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If red, gothic, and nude don't work, I could envision Kendall's Lip Kit being baby pink. It's cute, flirty, and just describes her aesthetic perfectly.

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