Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Are Coming!

Milk's favorite cookie is truly one-upping itself: Strawberry Shortcake Oreos are officially a thing. They'll be sold in the smaller, square-shaped novelty packaging, and they hit the shelves of Walmart April 4, according to the Consumerist. The sad part is they're going to be limited edition. So, you know the drill: You have to go buy out the entire supply at your local Walmart and make them last as long as possible. Don't listen to what anyone tells you: Stale Oreos are still just as good as the fresh ones. I can personally vouch for this, and I am extremely trustworthy.

Strawberry shortcake has proven to be quite a popular flavor at the moment. Late last year — and perfect for Valentine's Day this year — we got the sensational White Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms, and our lives changed forever. Dunkin' Donuts also jumped on the bandwagon this year and brought us a delicious new way to ring in the spring season: The brand spankin' new Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Donut, created with their classic glaze, strawberry buttercreme filling, and white and strawberry icing drizzle. So warm and gooey, like a heavenly pillow of Dunkin' Donuts amazingness. Yes, please, and thank you.

So what do Strawberry Shortcake Oreos taste like? According to Delish, word on the street is that the treat includes a "vanilla sponge cake-like cookie and strawberry cream filling" — and if you're lucky, you might actually be able to get a hold of them now: Apparently they've already started to arrive in some stores. Even if you're not near one of them, though, April 4 is only about a week away, so you'll be able to give them a try soon enough. We don't know how long they'll be available for, unfortunately; a spokesperson for Oreo would only tell Delish that they'll be around "while supplies last."

It's unclear if the strawberry shortcake craz is just a current fad, or whether it's here to stay; but one thing is for certain: Red velvet and pumpkin spice have some serious competition.

Images: Nabisco; Giphy