What's Leaving Netflix In April? Cancel Your Plans To Do Anything Else But Watch

While I love that Netflix constantly adds new content for us all to stream, I always feel sad when titles are no longer available. But to make way for brand new content like the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which comes to Netflix on April 15, some other TV show and movies will disappear, for now. To make the most of your Netflix subscription, here's a list of the most crucial content leaving Netflix in April, so that you can marathon-watch it all immediately if you haven't already!

Some of the TV series and movies leaving Netflix this time around won't be missed that much, but others will be a much bigger loss. Hopefully, the influx of new seasons of shows like Girl Meets World will distract us from the inevitable disappearance of some of our favorite rom-coms, horror movies, and TV shows. With awesome movies leaving Netflix like the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice and the Robert Pattinson classic Remember Me, now is the time to cancel any other plans you might have had and commit to your screen. To get the most out of your Netflix subscription, you're probably going to want to spend the next few days indoors, watching the following movies and shows.

1. Craigslist Joe

With a premise that sounds like a horror movie, Craigslist Joe is a documentary about a man who decides to spend a month living off of the kindness of strangers he meets on Craigslist. While I wouldn't recommend that anyone actually does this IRL, this cute documentary shows that not everyone you meet online is a serial killer.

2. House Of Wax

An actual horror movie starring Chad Michael Murray, Paris Hilton, and a whole host of brilliant people. That's your weekend sorted.

3. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Three words: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I don't care if Christmas is months away. The JTT has spoken.

4. Remember Me

All you really need to know is that this is a movie starring Robert Pattinson. Is it any good? I couldn't tell you. But he does take his top off in it, so that's something, right?

5. Pride & Prejudice

If you want to be transported to another place and time, then this 2005 version of the Jane Austen classic is for you.

6. Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Season 1

Until right now, I had no idea that this show existed. I must watch it immediately, and you probably should too.

7. The Wedding Date

Is there anything cuter than Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney?

8. Let The Right One In

If you need a dose of horror, then this Swedish movie is for you. It's a vampire film, but it's as romantic as it is gruesome. Intrigued? You should be.

9. Bill Cunningham New York

One of my favorite documentaries of all time, this movie follows Bill Cunningham, a photographer for The New York Times. His iconic photos of the people and the fashions on the streets of New York are legendary, and the fact he's spent 50 years doing it is even better.

Cancel all of your plans. Your Netflix account needs you.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures