'Second Chance' Deserves Another... You Get It

The Frankenstein adaptation that may have slipped under your radar is finishing up it's first season on Friday. Will Second Chance be renewed for Season 2? If it isn't, the jokes unfortunately write themselves. With a diverse cast and an engaging science fiction plot about a dead man who was brought back to life in a younger body and seeks to right his life's many wrongs, the show definitely has the potential for an excellent Season 2.

Unfortunately, this show is not doing so hot. It's not bad, I promise! A friend of mine got me into it and I'm enjoying Season 1 so far. Unfortunately, TVLine's renewal scorecard calls it a long-shot at this point. The ratings have been consistently low and MetaCritic lists mixed reviews. Since it's been delayed and renamed so many times (it was previously titled The Frankenstein Code and Lookinglass before settling on Second Chance), I think some of the initial enthusiasm may have died down.

Plus, after only two episodes, Second Chance was moved from Wednesdays on FOX to Fridays. The episode order was also cut down before the first season, which could be seen as a bad sign, unless they're going for a shorter episode order midseason model that other networks like ABC and AMC have adopted. I would even count HBO's standard 10 episode as well.

However, I could see FOX taking a chance (sorry) on this show and renewing it for another short season to fill the schedule during the winter hiatus. As Executive Producer Howard Gordon mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, FOX spent money on reshoots — which they would not have done if they didn't believe in it. There is definitely story there to sustain for multiple seasons. It just needs to find an audience. Hint hint, all the episodes are on Hulu+ if you want to catch up on Second Chance and give it the support it needs for Season 2!

Images: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX (2)