These Twitter Reactions To Kylie's Kourt K Lip Kit Prove The Fans Love It

Another week, another huge Kylie Lip Kit release and this time it's for Kourt K. After Kylie Jenner's latest beauty-buy went live today, fans shared their Twitter reactions to Kourt K and the results ranged from exhilaration, to frustration, to legit rage. Hey, we've all been there (see: my Balmain x H&M shopping spree) and lived to tell the tale. But for Kylie Lip Kit collectors and connoisseurs, the release of the purple shade meant so much more.

Just clicking on the #KylieLipKit tag this afternoon, I was met with tweet after tweet about Kourt K's release (no restock today, sadly). Some fans couldn't believe that they were able to order just the newest shade, especially those who wanted to get one of the sold-out Lip Kit colors. Meanwhile, there were buyers who might have clicked on just a hair too late and were met with the "wheel of death" that will make even the most level-headed person go mad.

I've written enough articles about how the Kylie Lip Kit delivers the best Twitter responses, but every so often, I'll come across a hilarious tweet or GIF that sums up all the emotions that buyers go through. As anyone who's ever clicked on to try and purchase one of Jenner's popular Lip Kits will tell you, it's not as easy as it sounds. So, whether you're a first time buyer or not, you must read tips on how to buy a Kylie Lip Kit in order to get your hands on one of them.

Judging by the Twitter reactions from today's Kourt K release, the fans sure are excited for Lip Kit number eight:

True fans ahead:

Way to go, girl:

The no-restock news upset some fans, obvi:

Even moms got in on the Kourt K action:

Cool aunts did, too:

What every buyer wants to see:

Lives were changed:

Maybe next time?

Kourt K was even compared to Coachella:

We are the champions, my friend:

FOMO in action: