16 Moments Every ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Remembers As A Life-Defining Memory

Being a Harry Potter fan comes with incredible privileges. The first and most obvious is being a part of the most magical group of fans on the earth. But the second privilege that comes with being a Harry Potter fan is having a life that has been defined largely by historical moments in the fictional series and in the world because of it. As a fan of the books and movies, you’ve been apart of a cultural phenomenon that, at this point, has lasted decades. And, if you started reading the books when you were young, this fandom has probably stretched across most of your life. Which means that there are so many moments that every Harry Potter fan remembers, because they have defined both the series and your life.

Honestly, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. For me, the memories of waiting for the new books to come out or for the films to be released are inextricably tied up with memories of school vacations, staying up late, and even falling really hard on a patch of ice because I couldn’t book the fifth book down, not even to walk across campus in the freezing cold. These moments have defined my life as a Harry Potter fan, and they are also the moments that the series crossed over into my world in major and magical ways.

1. When Daniel Radcliffe Performed Naked On Broadway


This was probably the moment you officially lost your sense of innocence for good.

2. Emma Watson's First Post-Potter Film


You didn’t care that it wasn’t a Harry Potter movie. You still recorded Ballet Shoes on your TV and watched it over and over again until you had all of her lines memorized.

3. Every Time A New Book Came Out


And the lines wrapped around the block.

4. Every Time A New Movie Came Out


Aside from New Year’s Eve, this was the only time your parents let you stay up past midnight, so it was exciting for a number of reasons.

5. When The Series Ended And You Cried For Months


Inconsolable, that’s what you were.

6. When Ron And Hermione Kissed


The clouds parted, the angels sang, and you may or may have thrown your book across the room in elation.

7. When Dumbledore Died


Worst. Moment. Ever.

8. The First Time You Tried Butter Beer


You may have had to fend off crowds of thousands at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, but one taste of that sweet thing and you didn’t regret a single moment of it.

9. When Quidditch Became An Actual Thing


Like that you could play with your friends and not just dream about at night.

10. When J.K. Rowling Joined Twitter


And you were totally convinced you had the inside scoop.

11. When Emma Watson Spoke Out As A Feminist


And you realized there was so much more to love about her than just her portrayal of Hermione and her amazing film career.

12. When Alan Rickman Died


The wizarding world stood still on this day, and so did your heart as a true Harry Potter fan.

13. When Rupert Grint Bought An Ice Cream Truck


And you loved him even more for fulfilling a life-long dream after such a successful career.

14. When Daniel Radcliffe Supported The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project on YouTube

And you knew that your love for him ran deeper than magic and muggles.

15. The First Time You Realized There Was Something Between Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley


And then you spent the next hours pouring over the previous books to put the pieces together. It was awesome and envy-inducing and so brilliantly dramatic.

16. The Harry Potter Trials


AKA the time JK Rowling sued a guy for publishing a lexicon in book form and claimed that the whole thing was standing in the way of her creative process. And, of course, the time other authors claimed that Rowling had stolen the idea for Harry Potter from them. Priceless.

So many amazing memories as a Harry Potter fan. Here's to decades more.

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