Clips Of Ryan Gosling Singing Prove That A.J. McLean Is Not Wrong About The Actor's Musical Talent

A.J. McLean — former member of the beloved Backstreet Boys — just dropped a very delightful tidbit of information regarding one very handsome actor man. McLean told TMZ in a recent interview that our beloved, hey girl-ing, beautiful tropical fish actor Ryan Gosling has more skills up his sleeve than just good hair and a penchant for being wonderful. Apparently, Gosling can really sing. And not just really sing — McLean claims that Gosling has more pipes than perhaps the greatest, pipe-iest pop star of our generation: Justin Timberlake.

If you remember correctly (how could you forget?!), both Gosling and Timberlake were part of Disney's Mickey Mouse Club back in the glory days of our youth. It was during this time that McLean heard Gosling's angelic voice for the first time — an angelic voice that would have fit in harmoniously with any '90s boy band, and that in fact, almost did. McLean told TMZ that there was "talks of [Gosling] wanting to addition" for BSB. After gifting us with that piece of info, McLean went on to make the most radical statement I've ever heard in all my life — OK, fine, all day — and said that Gosling "can kind of sing in some ways a little bit better than J.T."


McLean then added, "they are obviously different," but "if they went head to head, it would be a really awesome match." I can't say I disagree with that, but this isn't up to me. Thankfully, after scouring the world wide web, I've come across footage of Gosling and these pipes, and the only question I have for the world besides WHAT (see above) is how is this not common knowledge? I mean, it's not unknown, to be fair: Gosling has sang in movies (Blue Valentine) even had a band at one point (Dead Man's Bones), but it was a fairly indie act that never hit the mainstream. Homeboy's been out here, singing all along, and we've been too distracted by his impeccable bone structure to even notice.

So with that being said, I'm pleased to present: a brief, but important catalog of Ryan Gosling's singing career. And while I can't say that I want to compare him and Timberlake (they're both talented, OK?!) I can say enjoy the hell out of these. Welcome.

Baby Gosling Singing Jodeci

4ever on YouTube

Special treat: A young Timberlake is also up in this clip. Talk about a rivalry that should have happened a long time ago, right?!

Fetus Gosling Singing "Faithful"

chuby22 on YouTube

*Silently mouths* "I will be faithful."

My Little Pony

GoslingfanCOM on YouTube

OK, this is just sort of weird, but I'm into it.

Blue Valentine Ukelele

SetikBakery on YouTube

This is probably the most well-known instance of Gosling's singing talents. "I can't really sing," he says in the clip. LIES.

L.O.V.E. By Nat King Cole

ValentinaSerbia on YouTube

I mean, I love it.

"Put Me In The Car"

tomf4ke on YouTube

OK. Will do.

"Name In Stone"

323skinny on YouTube

Currently realizing that not being in this audience is the biggest regret of my life.

"Where You Sleep"

Eat your heart out, J.T.

Just think how different our world would be if these two had traded lives. In fact, now that we're on the topic, I'd like to believe that in some parallel universe, Timberlake has starred in at least two movies with Emma Stone, and that, at one point, Gosling wore a mock baby blue turtleneck and danced like this:

But I'm a dreamer, you know?

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