What's Happening To Maggie On 'The Walking Dead'? Her Pregnancy May Send Her On The Road

No matter what happens in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, I have a feeling that there's going to tragedy of some sort for Glenn and Maggie. Those two can't seem to catch a break, and the penultimate episode proved it. What's wrong with Maggie's baby on The Walking Dead ? Sunday's episode had an ominous ending.

Any elation that you may have felt by seeing Maggie cut her hair (because actor hair length is a sure fire sign of character death these days) was dashed when she bent over in pain, clutching her stomach. Something's wrong with Maggie and/or the baby, and we don't know what.

It's possible that Maggie is having a miscarriage, even though in the comics she does give birth. Perhaps this is the show's way of preventing the group from having to protect two babies, plus all of the logistical hardships of that. Might I remind you that Judith Grimes died ages ago in The Walking Dead comics, before Maggie and Glenn's baby was born? On the other hand, Maggie could also be in danger. The loss of Denise means Alexandria doesn't have any medical care, so if Maggie is having any kind of complication that affects her own health, she may not survive.

However, these sudden pains may actually be leading to a very different tragedy. I think they're a way of getting Maggie to Hilltop. Alexandria's lack of doctors means she'll need to go to the Colony for any kind of care, which will put her out on the road during the season finale. And that means Negan. I'm so stressed out about this Walking Dead finale, y'all. Sunday can take its sweet time.

Image: Gene Page/AMC