These Are Officially The Weirdest Job Interview Qs

"What are some of your strengths? Do you work better alone or in a group? Why should we hire you?" These are some of the typical interview questions most of us have heard by now — but Glassdoor has spiced things up and released the weirdest job interview questions for 2016. And when I say weird, I mean weird. I mean, I'm a writer. I play with words for a living. And even I was stumped by some of these.

After scratching my head for a minute, I realized that you've gotta give these potential employers brownie points for creativity. Interviews are boring, stressful, and typically all sound the same. At least these people tried to think outside the box a bit. It's also a great way to test candidates: Most of us have canned responses for all the usual questions, but these questions really make you think.

Here's a handful of the winners from the United States, but Glassdoor has also collected questions from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. I haven't decided what I like better: The questions... or the answers. Some are very logical and insightful, and others are... well... just keep reading.

1. Would You Rather Fight One Horse-Sized Duck, Or 100 Duck-Sized Horses?

This nightmare-inducing question belongs to Whole Foods, and the answers are priceless:

"Neither. We don't fight at Whole Foods."

"One should always divide tasks that are too big to manage/handle/perform etc."

"I am not high enough for this."

2. How Many Basketballs Would Fit In This Room?

Delta Airlines likes to play guessing games:

"Are they NBA, WNBA, or youth sized?"

"All of them."

"Answer this question before I calculate: Do these 'basketballs' represent airline passengers?"

3. When A Hot Dog Expands, In Which Direction Does It Split And Why?

Space Exploration Technologies is curious how much you know about hot dogs, because... why not?

"Right down the middle like any good deep fried Texas weiner should."

"It splits along the slits I put in it before I started to grill. Clearly you need someone that knows how to grill."

"The stress in the circumferential/tangential direction is always larger than the stress in the axial direction, so it splits in long seams down its length rather than in hoops around its circumference. The equation for hoop stress is pr/t, whereas the equation for axial stress is pr/2t. It is a good exercise to derive these equations yourself."

4. What Would You Do If You Found A Penguin In The Freezer?

I'm suddenly a tad suspicious of Trader Joe's:

"Adopt him, name him George, and give him lots of hugs! Maybe train him to fetch stuff."

"Dead or alive?"

"Take Grandpa out to give him some room."

5. What Would The Name Of Your Debut Album Be?

This one comes from Urban Outfitters, perhaps unsurprisingly:

"Test Album Please Ignore."

"My Life So Far — a double-CD collection of crazy songs never heard before. Ever."

"I Can't Sing."

Head on over to Glassdoor for more. What was your last job interview like?

Images: Pixabay; Giphy (5)