This Theory About Kirk & Taylor Makes Sense

Here's an interesting theory about the citizens of Stars Hollow that you probably never thought to consider: Kirk Gleason is Taylor Doose's son. I know. I can hear your gasp from here, and, trust me, I had the same initial reaction. But it was this Redditor's suggestion that there could be some paternal links between Kirk and Taylor that made me see these two Gilmore Girls townies in a whole new way. After thinking about the possibility of Taylor and Kirk being father and son, I have to say, it kind of makes sense. Like a lot of sense.

No, really, this could be a possibility. And, for all of you right now who are rolling your eyes and saying "no way" just hear me out. I understand that in "Always a Godmother, Never a God" (Season 6, Episode 4) Rory compliments Kirk's suit and Kirk replies, "Thanks. This was the suit they buried my dad in," and that, yes, to some, that would rule out this theory completely. But, what if Kirk doesn't know that Taylor is his father? What if Kirk's mom (who we have shadily never seen) told Kirk that his father died when he was young? And then gifted him that suit? Crazier things have happened in Stars Hollow. So with that being said, here are some reasons why Kirk Gleason's father might be Taylor Doose.

They Both Have Night Terrors

As stillnotking on Reddit points out, in Season 3 Episode 15, Taylor tells Lorelai that the Dooses have night terrors, and, in Season 4, Kirk reveals that he has them as well. According to PubMed, "heritable factors predispose an individual to develop sleepwalking."

Taylor Is Always Giving Kirk Jobs

I mean, he was even the assistant manager at Doose's Market at one point. Even though he continues to fail, it's like Taylor has this desire to see Kirk succeed? Neighborly help or fatherly love? You decide.

Kirk and Taylor Are Similar

They are both often the odd one out, and the rest of the Stars Hollow townies can't understand them. Though, yes, Kirk seems to be a bit sweeter in nature, the two both share stubbornness and an inability to pick up on social cues.

Kirk's Dad Is Hardly Ever Mentioned

Curious and curiouser.

Kirk Actually Asks If Taylor Is His Father

In Season 4, Episode 18, "Tick Tick Tick Boom!," the following exchange happens:

Kirk: Flower Show's tomorrow. Flower Show's tomorrow and I can't find the last twelve eggs. I let Taylor down. He's like a father to me. I think he is my father.Luke: He's not your father.Kirk: No, my father's my father. Which means Taylor's my tailor. I wonder how much he charges to mend pants.

OK, let's dissect this for a second. First, Kirk says that Taylor is like a father to him, and then says "I think he is my father!" Of course Luke shuts him down right away, as that idea in his eyes is preposterous. But if we believe that no one in the town knows the truth, Luke's sentiment doesn't hold any weight. If anything, this slightly nonsensical exchange between Luke and Kirk is a wink to the possibility that it could be true.

I'm not asking you to fully commit to the theory, but think about it. Let it sink in, mull it over, go back and re-watch some episodes to pick up on the way Taylor and Kirk interact with each other. Like I said, crazier things in Stars Hollow have happened, so let's not rule this one out.

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