SmartGlamour's #FitForEveryBody Is Here

It should be a given that everyone is different, and no two people have exactly the same body type. Yet sometimes the mainstream fashion industry doesn't seem to get this. Enter SmartGlamour's #FitForEveryBody campaign, which focuses on creating clothes to fit your body. Mallorie Dunn, founder and designer behind SmartGlamour, wrote in the campaign's accompanying blog post, "Stylists and fashion gurus alike will tell you [that] altering your clothes is a secret weapon. Buy items based off our your largest measurement (bust, waist, hip) and then have it taken in. But! What if you could skip that part — by getting your item custom made from the start?"

Dunn decided to gather up a group of women who all experience unique fit issues, and proceeded to make them some outfits. "I created the same outfit for each of them — twice: One as a 'set size'/best guess option, and then one with custom touches added or complete customizations," she wrote in the press release for the campaign. The side by side images are pretty clear: Custom measuring wins every time. And with customizations starting from as little as $5 and ranging to $20 for an entirely custom-made garment, SmartGlamour's personalization options aren't unreasonable.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, SmartGlamour is like the heroine of every shopping nightmare you've ever had. Not only are SmartGlamour's awesome designs available in a wonderfully inclusive size range — with sizes spanning XXS to 6XL — but the entire line can be custom made to fit your beautiful bod.

It's safe to say that not all people fit perfectly into the clothes available at fast fashion favorites, and there are plenty of ways bizarre sizing systems can let us down — from limb length, to bust size, and even booty shape. But SmartGlamour has always been about making clothes to fit the woman — not forcing women to fit the clothes.

My personal woes with commercially sized clothes include arm length never being long enough, busts often being too roomy, and dresses fitting my torso perfectly but being way too tight to fit on the bottom half. I can look at something that is allegedly "my" size and know immediately that there's no way it's going to go over my derrière. For most humans, there's the added issue that different stores' clothing is sized independently — meaning that a size 10 can mean completely different measurements from store to store. And if anyone's size can fluctuate shop to shop, that can put a damper on what should be an empowering experience.

It's time to join the #FitForEveryBody movement with SmartGlamour. This is a brand that understands that nobody deserves to be left out of fashion.

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Images: Courtesy SmartGlamour (3)