Where To Buy Anastasia Beverly Hills Spring Liquid Lipsticks Just In Time For Warm Weather

Just in time for spring, Anastasia Beverly Hills has released eight new lip color shades in the cult-favorite liquid lipstick range. From the perfect beige color — fittingly dubbed "Naked" — to a stunning blue-based pink called "Rio," there's a color for every mood in this range. Naturally, you're probably wondering: where can you buy Anastasia Beverly Hills' new spring Liquid Lipstick shades?

Have no fear, because you can purchase them without leaving your bed. You guessed it: the shades are now available online. But if you're curious to see them in person before you order online, ABH has confirmed via an Instagram post that the new shades will also be available in stores at the brand's retail partners, which includes national beauty chains like Sephora and Ulta. While a specific date hasn't been announced for the in-store availability, definitely call up your local shop to see when they'll be on the floor, because these shades are beyond stunning.

In the same ultra-pigmented, matte, smear-resistant formula as the original liquid lipsticks, the brand added eight new versatile shades just in time for spring, still at the $20 price point and in the same packaging. These new shades are not only great additions to the line, but perfect choices for a variety of spring activities.

Imagine rocking the yellow-based brown "Ashton" with a trench coat to work — you'd be slaying all day. The vibrant plum shade "Madison" would be awesome for taking selfies underneath a cute umbrella. And the gorgeous beige "Naked?" Get ready to add it to your favorites list, because you'll be reaching for it on a daily basis.

Liquid Lipstick in Naked, $20, Sephora

If you were struggling with how to transition your makeup to the new season, look no further than these Anastasia Beverly Hills spring shades.

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Images: Anastasia Beverly Hills/Instagram, Anastasia Beverly Hills