Kylie's New Matte Polishes Are So Affordable

If you have $20 burning a hole in your pocket, well, how about engaging in a little Kylie Jenner-inspired retail therapy on April 1? That's when Kylie Jenner's second Sinful Colors nail polish collection launches. Jenner's new Trend Matters range features Pure Satin Mattes and Velvety Demi Mattes, along with Shimmer Mattes. This new series of polishes follows her debut King Kylie Sinful Shine collection. The Trend Matters range is the same texture as her always sold out Kylie Lip Kits. While the Lip Kits are $29, due to their innovative texture and the fact that the package includes a liquid lippie and a liner, the Kylie Jenner x Sinful Shine Trend Matters nail polishes are crazy affordable and will be widely available. How much are Jenner's new matte polishes?

The 5-free polishes, which are devoid of icky chemicals, are super inexpensive, with a $2.99 price tag per bottle. The Pure Satin Matte shades will be exclusively available at Target to start before being sold at other mass retailers at a later date.

The Velvety Demi Mattes will be sold at exclusively at Walgreens at first. They will eventually be sold at other mass retail outposts. The formula is matte with a light sheen and the shades are on point with fashion trends.

Of the entire range, Jenner said,"I am loving matte polish. I feel it is the way to go if you are going simple and don't want to do too much. It's a great way to just add a little spazz to your nails."

Jenner also commented about how this collection allows her to explore her feminine side and her creative, nail art-loving side, saying, "I also love experimenting with negative space. With this collection, I got to do both!"

There are tons of colors to choose from.

Pure Satin Matte in Taupe is Chic, $2.99, Sinful Shine

At just three bucks a pop, you can stock up on plenty of shades and play with them! Mix and match, do Kylie's negative space thing, and get creative.

Shimmer Matte in Kool for KuKumber, $2.99, Sinful Shine

Jenner also said, "These awesome matte shimmers in barely-there pastel shades are colors, but just like hints… perfect for accents or for a look that can work with every outfit."

Velvety Demi Matte in Kurtsey, $2.99, Sinful Shine

Happy shopping and stocking up this weekend. At such an insanely inexpensive price, you can buy several and your bank account won't take a hit while you rock on-trend digits.

Also, there is a store locator on the Sinful Shine site, so you can browse there for retail locations.

Images: Courtesy of Sinful Colors (5)