'Southern Charm's Kathryn & Her Daughter Are Twins

If you're a fan of Bravo's Southern Charm, then you most definitely are aware of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. To say their relationship has been one filled with all kinds of drama and unexpectedness is an understatement. Despite all of the negativity that has surrounded them from Season 1, there are two good things that have come from their so-called romance. That is their daughter, Kensington, and their son, St. Julien Rembert. Speaking of Kensington, what does she look like today? It's been awhile since fans have seen her and guess what? Kensington is the spitting image of Kathryn.

Ever since Kensington was born in 2014 (yes, she is already two!), you could tell that she got all of her looks from her mom. Between her long eyelashes, those baby blue eyes, and a tint of red hair, Kensington definitely inherited a lot of Kathryn's qualities. Even when she smiles, all you see is Kathryn. Just imagine when she's older. It's basically going to be another Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe situation.

Ahead of the Southern Charm Season 3 premiere on April 4, let's catch up with Kensington by checking out some of the photos Kathryn has shared on Instagram.

Here She Is With A Big Smile

I guess she could sense that her birthday was right around the corner.

Here She Is Playing

I bet she already has her car picked out for when she turns 16.

Here She Is Being All Fashionable

I mean, just look at those leopard print pants.

Here She Is Being An Artist

Clearly, those sunglasses make painting so much more fun.

Here She Is At Christmas

Yeah, adorable.

Here She Is Chilling

Just look at those poodles on her dress.

Here She Is Before Her Baby Brother Was Born

I bet she's a great big sister.

Here She Is During Halloween

She is one festive little girl.

Here She Is Posing

I mean, come on.

Yep, Kensington and Kathryn are two of a kind.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo