Twitter Reactions To Beyonce's Ivy Park Clothing Line That Describe Just How You Feel

Have you heard the good news? Beyonce has created a fashion line called Ivy Park, which is to be released online and in select retailers on Apr 14. The world has collectively taken to the good news as you might expect — which means Twitter is positively blowing up with #IVYPARK tweets.

Yes, Ivy Park is officially trending — as of the writing of this article, it's already amassed a whopping 59.1k tweets, and the number climbs by the minute. Its boss-level popularity should come as no surprise, though — after all, Beyonce is currently at the top of her game, between her recent "Formation" music video, and her soon-to-be-released album — the timing for an athleisure line couldn't be any better. Besides, the ultra-trendy Ivy Park line represents yet another feather in her entrepreneurial cap, and it comes armed with a seriously inspiring message, to boot.

As such, Twitter's reactions basically run the gamut from really excited to really, really, really excited, with some fans pledging to create new Beyonce-inspired workout routines, while others promising to wear their new athleisure gear whilst consuming donuts. Some are anticipating a sudden decrease in their checking accounts, while others are just plain keyboard-smashing emojis. Ready to take a look at a few tweets that fully understand your complicated love for Beyonce? Here's how fans reacted.

They Used Emojis To Express What Words Can't

Praise hands, heart eyes, and bee emojis abounds!

They Got Real About The State Of Their Finances

Yeah, that's the one downside to celebrity-helmed fashion lines: They can represent quite a drain to the personal finances.

They Expressed How They Really Feel

It sounds like some people are worried that Bey will get too distracted...

They Accurately Explained the Concept of Athleisure

Yeah, the emphasis is definitely on the "leisure" side.

They Got Optimistic About Their Exercise Plans

When it comes to actually exercising, let's just say Beyonce's Ivy Park commercial was very convincing.

They Referenced "Formation"

Sounds about right.

... And The Fact That Beyonce Is Queen

Insert crown and bee emojis here.

They Have Their Priorities Straight

Basically, Beyonce > Life.

They Were Just Plain Excited...


... Because LBR, Beyonce is AWESOME

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