This Is Shep's 'Southern Charm' Dating Status

Southern Charm's Shep Rose is one of the real gems of reality television. He just fits in so well. He's handsome, he's occasionally arrogant, he's hilarious, and he's always ready to rage with a drink in his hand. What more could we ask for in a reality star? But, since we've last seen him, has anything changed recently with our favorite South Carolinian bachelor? Is Southern Charm's Shep dating anyone? Because of his personality (whether that's real or turned up for reality TV), he's never been eager to settle down with any ladies. (Though I personally always thought that he and Landon were destined for l-o-v-e.)

Well, after some serious social media sleuthing, I am thinking that the answer to that question is no. Shep may be slightly evolving from a complete man-child into a reasonably functional adult, but it doesn't look like his party boy ways have quite left the building just yet. Season 3 is upon us, and I honestly don't think I want to see Shep settled down yet. According to trailers for the show, Craig has found a lovely lady, and that's really all the stability that I can take on Southern Charm. I want chaos and childlike shenanigans. Sue me. (Attorney Craig, don't really sue me.)

So, if Shep isn't settling down, what has he been up to?

He's Being Single

This post kind of put the nail in the coffin on the question of whether Shep is dating anyone or not. It's clear that he is single, but it doesn't necessarily look like he's loving it. Hmm...

He's Being Mature

Shep has obviously matured. Penis jokes are actually a sign of maturity. You didn't know that? /Sarcasm.

He's Hanging With Celebrities

Being a reality star gets you some cool new friends. Apparently it's scored Shep a hang with Danny Huston of 30 Days Of Night and X-Men fame.

He's Living That Bluegrass Lifestyle

Whatever that is. He's livin' it. Get with it, friends.

He's Blogging

Shep is actually a pretty great writer and has been busy contributing blog posts to the Charlston Grit.

He's Making Ugly Sweaters

Shep would make ugly sweaters. Also, who doesn't love ugly sweaters? It seems like a pretty perfect business venture for someone with Shep's sense of humor.

Rebuilding His Restaurant

Unfortunately Bravo reported that a fire destroyed his restaurant, Palace Hotel, back in January. They had to close due to damages and, at the time, he tweeted that he was unsure whether the business would reopen or when.

I certainly hope Shep can get his restaurant back up and running, and I hope one day he finds someone to wear ugly sweaters with him. But, no matter what, I am looking forward to watching his shenanigans on Season 3 of Southern Charm starting Monday night.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo