Scott Disick Needs To Join The Snapchat Game

You probably thought you knew everything about the Kardshian-Jenner family — that is, before they all started getting Snapchat. Kylie Jenner is becoming an undisputed Snapchat queen, while her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are not far behind. And Kourtney's ex-boyfriend and father of her three children, Scott Disick, has been getting close to the family again after their breakup and has been popping up on Kourtney's social media. But, does Scott Disick have a Snapchat of his own?

While he has a pretty impressive social media following — about 6 million followers on Twitter and close to 15 million followers on Instagram — Disick does not have his own Snapchat account... yet. I definitely would not rule out the possibility of him getting one eventually, considering his family is already all over it and he loves to be in the spotlight as much as they do.

Although he doesn't have his own Snapchat, Disick has already made some surprise appearances in the snaps of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies, so here are some Lord Disick snapchat moments that prove that he would be a blast to follow. Hurry up and join, Scott!

That Time He & Kourtney Punked Their Fans

Kourtney posted a video of Disick telling everyone that "they were back together." They revealed it was just a joke and that they are just friends for now.

When Kourtney Found Scott & Kendall "In Bed"

This family sure loves their epic Snapchat films, and in this edition Kourtney decided to play an April Fools' prank by pretending she found Disick in bed with her younger sister, Kendall. What a weird joke!

When They Joined The Face Swap Craze

This Scott and Kourtney swap is only a little bit terrifying.

When He Was In Cute Dad Mode

Kylie caught a glimpse of Lord Disick being adorable with his son, Mason.

When Kim Poked Fun At Him

Who knew she was such a good artist?

When He Went To A Concert With Kylie

Kylie posted photos of herself with Disick at Tyga's concert, and naturally, they played with filters.

I have a feeling we will see Lord Disick (and Khloé Kardashian!) on Snapchat in no time.