This 'Gilmore Girls' Logan News Could Be Big

by Emily Lackey

Be still, my heart, because there is big news on the horizon for Rory Gilmore’s love life. On Friday, we at Bustle pointed out that a photo of the cover of the Gilmore Girls "Fall" script recently posted by Bunheads actress Stacey Oristano on Instagram might point to the fact that Matt Czuchry may be in the Gilmore Girls revival finale. With some photo editing magic, in fact, it wasn't just Czuchry's name that became visible through the first page of the script — Milo Ventimiglia and Jared Padalecki's names could also be vaguely made out, suggesting they may all be in the final episode. (Bustle has reached out to Netflix in response to this finding, but has not yet heard back.) This potential casting could spell big news for Rory’s love life, obviously. But, as a tried and true Logan fan, the fact that Logan may be in the final two episodes has me wondering a lot about his storyline. Because, if Logan is indeed in "Fall," and previous rumors are correct about him being in the episode before "Fall," "Summer," then why would Logan come back to Gilmore Girls for the final two episodes? Could it be to fight, in some way, for Rory’s heart?

Before we get into that, let’s just go over what we know from the information already compiled. A lot of it has yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking pretty likely that Czuchry might be in the final two episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival. This photo of the “Fall” script definitely suggests that he is in the finale episode, for instance, and IMDb also has Czuchry listed as starring in both “Summer” and “Fall.” Sure, IMDb isn't always a solid source of proof, and we won't consider it as one — but this is still evidence worth noting.

Can't make out Czuchry's name? Here's a closer look...

Even closer?

Last line: "Logan Huntzberger" and "Matt Czuchry" can be vaguely made out. Boom.

Need more proof? Well, there’s also the first picture of Czuchry on the Gilmore Girls revival set, which was posted in mid-March. Back then, there were a number of other pictures of the cast in clear summer attire: sundresses, straw hats, and lots and lots of sun. Plus, in the background of that shot, the set is lacking any of the fall decorations that are covering everything in all of the shots of Stars Hollow from the “Fall” episodes.

So, if Logan is only coming back for the final two episodes, I’m thinking this is pretty critical information. Especially since it’s looking like the other men in Rory’s life (or at least her previous life), are coming back too. And if there is a wedding in the final episode, well then, it seems like we could have a full-on fight for Rory’s heart at the end of this series on our hands.

The way I see it, the fact that Logan may only be in the final two episodes could signal one of two things: That something rather last-minute has brought him back into Rory’s life (maybe at the risk of disrupting some other relationship that has already begun blossoming or rebuilding in the first two episodes), or he’s come back for the sole purpose of putting an end to whatever romantic prospects are happening for Rory by the end of the second episode. Especially if those romantic prospects involve a wedding, it would make sense that Logan would both hear about that from his fellow Yalies.

None of this casting news has been confirmed just yet, but it doesn’t mean that a girl can’t dream about all of the things this potential news will mean for Logan’s role in the revival… and his role in winning Rory’s heart.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle (2)