The 'GG' News Could Be HUGE

by Emily Lackey

Hold on to your Team Dean shirts, everyone, because a major Gilmore Girls revival spoiler may have just been revealed on the DL. In a recent promotional video for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jared Padalecki discussed who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman. Totally normal, right? Yes. Behind him is Stars Hollow in full effect, decked out in full fall regalia — possibly suggesting Dean might appear in the finale episode "Fall." Intriguing, but also normal, yeah? Absolutely. But here’s the juicy bit: In the video, if you look very closely, Padalecki is wearing a wedding ring. ALERT, ALERT, NOT NORMAL AT ALL. What could this possibly mean? Does that one glimpse of a wedding band means that Dean is the one who's married in the Gilmore Girls revival? And, if so, is he married to Rory?

Without any hard and fast confirmation — the video was, after all, about Batman v. Superman — the best fans can do is venture a guess. Considering that Padalecki appears to be in full costume in the promotional video (I mean, it's warm in LA, Padalecki would not need to wear a full winter coat to hang out outdoors), it's worth wondering if the ring actually belongs to Dean, and is a part of the costume.

To be fair, the ring does look similar to Padalecki's own wedding ring, so it's possible it's not Dean's at all. But, if this is the case — why wouldn't he have taken it off if he was in costume? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Just take a look at Padalecki's real wedding ring for yourself:

And now, check out the one in the promotional video:

It looks similar, yes — so I'm inclined to say it could just be Padalecki's ring. However, for the sake of weighing all possibilities, let's explore what this could mean if the ring is Dean's. Specifically: who could Dean be married to? Rory is the obvious answer, of course, because of their history — as well as the fact that Rory will be single when the revival begins — but it’s also possible that he's married to someone else entirely. After all, the revival takes place nine years after the original series ended, and a lot can happen in that time. Plus, I doubt Rory was hanging around Stars Hollow much during that time, especially with her big dreams of being an international journalist.

If he is married to an entirely new character, it would make sense — and there are so many possibilities. Maybe it's even the character that Mae Whitman is going to play — she does have certain Rory qualities, not to mention, Whitman played Lauren Graham's daughter in Parenthood. That could easily be a funny nod to her character's similarities to Rory. Or hey, maybe it's even Sutton Foster’s still unnamed character!

While it's not clear if the ring is Padalecki's or Dean's, personally, I’m crossing my fingers big time that Dean is in fact married in the revival. I’m also crossing my fingers that he will be a little more faithful this time around. (Sorry, had to say it. Love you, Dean!)

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Gilmore Girls/Facebook