'OITNB' Spoilers From The Cast Tease Conflict

If you've run out of Netflix original series to marathon, don't worry — Orange is the New Black Season 4 will premiere before you know it this June. But, if you can't wait that long, the ladies of Litchfield have given some hint at what'll go down during the new season. Cast members Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy), Emma Myles (Leanne), and Lea DeLaria (Big Boo) gave Bustle some exclusive Orange is the New Black Season 4 spoilers in emoji form to decode and obsess over until June.

While some people may say emojis are nonsense, I think those little smiley icon guys sometimes say more than one word — or a whole sentence — ever could. I think the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" definitely applies here. Moore, Myles, and DeLaria provided Bustle with rows of emojis that I think spell out a lot of key things about Season 4 — well, if you look closely. Moore's seem to be more about the characters' emotional journey, while Myles' spoilers focus on the plot of the new season. As for DeLaria's emojis, she seems to focus on four specific icons to sum up Season 4.

So, let's dig in and analyze.

Adrienne C. Moore's Spoilers

Look at all of those emotions! I can tell from these little faces that the OITNB characters will be on yet another emotional rollercoaster this year. Judging from the choice of emojis, Moore seems to be saying that things will start off happy and a little tense. Then, there will be love and awesomeness, but then some suspicion and greed. From there, it looks like conflict erupts based on the sad faces and angry faces. Basically, it looks like this season will be a hell of a ride.

Emma Myles' Spoilers

I think Myles gives a lot of hints about some of the plot lines of this upcoming season. Here's what I can gather: Much like Moore's spoilers hinted, there will likely be some happiness (or literal "applause") and some fun. But then something happens that requires prayer and a lot of yelling/talking and maybe guards too? Or, the conflict can be with the guards. The haircut and lipstick emojis lead me to believe that Sophia (Laverne Coz) will have a big part this season, since she is the prison's beautician and beauty maven, after all.

At first, I was a little lost about the unicorn, but then after some mind-refreshing Googling, I remembered Tiffany Doggett (aka Pennsatucky) has a unicorn tattoo. Does this mean Sophia and Doggett will be getting into some trouble together?

Lea Delaria's Spoilers

Just because DeLaria uses a lot of the same four emojis above, that doesn't mean there's less info here. She seems to put emphasis on guards in the first two rows — could there be war between the guards brewing? Two specific guards?

Either way, it seems like whatever happens, things turn to poop — a lot of it. And, when the poop hits the fan, it looks like someone's going to die. Will it be one of the guards or the inmates? We'll just have to wait until June 17 to find out when OITNB Season 4 drops on Netflix.

Reporting by Martha Sorren.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix; Martha Sorren/Bustle (3)