Kylie Jenner Has Amazing Red Hair For 'Paper'

This mogul definitely has a major influence on social media, in the beauty world and so much more. That’s why when Paper wanted to focus on someone leading this “Jenneration,” they turned to the person who made the most sense. Kylie Jenner debuted red hair for Paper Magazine just a day after her incredible cover was released. So, if you were still obsessing over her plastic-y pink ‘do — it’s time to move on. A new day, a new obsession. But, that’s nothing new to you if you’ve been a Jenner fan forever.

And it’s hard not to know a thing or two about this starlet. She’s been around, as the magazine points out, since she first hit TV screens at the age of nine. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to this stand-out member of the Kardashian/Jenner fam, you couldn’t be more wrong. She’s constantly surprising everyone. Whether it’s dropping a new commercial or going bright red for an editorial spread, she knows just how to keep the world playing catch up.

Jenner’s red hair has gotten some strong reactions (as does every move she makes) but that’s mostly because fans are loving this color on her and have been waiting for this moment for a long time. See her latest never-before-seen look along with 11 incredible reactions to Jenner as a redhead.

Jenner can do no wrong. Red is a great color on her.

1. Red Is The Color Of Love

It'd be hard not to swoon over this color.

2. Redhead IRL

Can she go ahead and make this look official already?


Can this hashtag start trending, already?

4. We're Waiting

The world is waiting to see if Jenner will dye her hair red. But, everyone's a little impatient. Don't make us wait long, please!

5. Red Makes Sense

She's done pink. A dark red is the next logical step.

6. Hair Goals

I can't blame her for wanting to try a look like this out!

7. Sneak Peek

Fans are even willing to show her what she'd look like with red hair.

8. Re(d)Joice

Jenner has a way of making our dreams come true.

9. Necessity

This is not a want. It's a need.

10. Red Hot

She looks good wearing red, so of course, she'd look incredible with this as her hair color, too.

11. The Next Redhead

Fans are trying to convince Jenner to become the next redhead. Can you blame them?

The world has spoken, Kylie. Hear our pleas!

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Image: Getty Images