'RHONY's Sonja & Ramona Swap Roles In Season 8

On Wednesday, the ladies of the Big Apple will finally be back in action on Bravo. After what seems like a lifetime, the Real Housewives of New York City will return with Season 8, and based on the trailer and the new taglines, it already looks like a promising season. You know who is going to make it even more entertaining? Sonja Morgan. That's Sonja with a "sexy j," as she tells Bustle over the phone. The New York Housewife who's been part of the series since Season 3 opens up about what fans can expect from her this season, and according to the "international fashion lifestyle brand" expert, she is swapping roles with Ramona Singer this season.

"Ramona is getting away from business and getting into having fun," Sonja teases. So, don't expect your typical party-loving Sonja, because according to her Ramona has taken over that territory. Now that Ramona is living the single life, I guess she's not wasting time having any fun. And who better to learn about partying it up from than her BFF Sonja?

As Sonja says, "[Ramona] said that she had two five-month relationships and was like, 'What am I doing? Let's go have fun!' And then you see her stepping out with young guys."

If you think Sonja has forgotten about all of the flak she's received from Ramona and the other Housewives for her wild ways, she hasn't. The 52-year-old says lightheartedly about Ramona's newfound ways as a single woman: "Remember all the sh*t she gave me for that when she was married? Now she's doing that. She's partying hard. She always gave me sh*t for partying and [dating] young guys, and now she does that!"

Based on the Season 8 trailer, it sure looks like Ramona is having a good time. The trailer opens up with LuAnn de Lesseps reading an article from Page Six about things going "haywire" for Ramona at a club. The teaser also features Ramona spilling a drink, Bethenny Frankel saying it's Ramona's "hunting season," and a clip of the wine mogul doing some heavy flirting with a mystery man.

Even though Sonja says fans will see a different side of her this season, there is a moment in the trailer where Ramona says to her bestie, "You drink too much. You're in such denial, it's so sad. I'm worried you're gonna end up dead." So don't expect a lack the usual heavy discussions from these two, even though their roles have shifted.

As for Sonja, she says viewers will witness the focus she's putting on her business ventures rather than seeing her date younger men. "I'm exactly in a different place [than Ramona]," she explains.

I'm very focused. I'm in the home stretch of my three to five-year business plan with investors to make sure that I take it home. I've got to do it. There's no time to mess around right now with young guys. I'm no longer in a holding pattern. I'm out of my financial difficulties.

Another side of Sonja viewers will see is how she deals with her 15-year-old daughter, Quincy, being away at boarding school. "I was shocked at how it affected me," the Sonja Morgan New York designer admits.

You know, I didn't go to boarding school. I didn't think about it. I thought she'd be with me until college and live in this big house here. I have a lot of interns and they're in their young 20s. She's gonna be 16 in October, so it's just a wonderful energy and only having one daughter, it's just been a shock to me.

Whether or not Sonja's cast members lend support during what she describes as a difficult time remains unclear. "You'll have to see if my costars are supportive or not," she teases. As for her relationship with her daughter, it's something she cherishes deeply. "I'm very close to my daughter and she's a very high achiever," she gushes. "I'm very proud of her, I worry, and I support her 100 percent, because she achieves so well."

It definitely sounds like a new Sonja will be showcased, but one thing the entrepreneur hopes is that her fans don't find her "too boring," especially since she "won't be showing up with shiny arm candy" like she used to.

When has Sonja Morgan ever been boring? I think it's safe to say that she'll never disappoint.

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