Blake Lively's HP Mani Is Potterhead #Goals

I'm low maintenance about my nails, because I have neither the skill nor the patience to make fabulous nail art work for me. That's why I love Blake Lively's Harry Potter manicure. It's so subtle that anyone can pull it off, which is pretty boss in my book.

This isn't the first time Lively has let her Potterhead flag fly. To honor Alan Rickman when he passed in January, Lively shared a Benjamin Schwartz cartoon from The New Yorker, which she captioned: " RIP Professor Snape. We will miss you. 💙 'If only life could be a little more tender, and art a little more robust' -Alan Rickman."

Lively's Harry Potter manicure may very well become an instant trend. The understated Deathly Hallows symbol is painted in pale peach polish, and hidden among the ultra-chic triangle design. This look is perfect for any Potterhead who wants to wear her fandom on her sleeve, but doesn't want to compromise her cool, classic style.

So, if you like giving off that "I woke up like this" vibe, take a page out of Lively's book. Paint your own sweet and simple Harry Potter manicure, and share it with your fellow Potterheads on Twitter and Instagram.

That's chill girl #goals right there, folks.