14 Photos Of JoJo Fletcher Pre-'Bachelorette' & Reality TV Stardom

Everyone in Bachelor Nation wants to know everything they can about JoJo Fletcher. She stole America's heart when she made it to the final two during Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor and she is currently filming her own season of The Bachelorette. It is pretty crazy that Ben, or any other human being, would not want to date JoJo, but apparently it can happen, and that is why she is yet again dating on reality TV. I have no idea what her life was like before she became a part of The Bachelor franchise, but I definitely want to see what she looked like. So, lets check out some photos of JoJo before The Bachelorette and reality TV stardom so we can get to know her a little bit better while we wait for her show to air in May.

Bachelor fans want to know what she looked like, what she was up to, who she was hanging out with, and whatever else can be derived from Instagram. Thank God for public accounts, right? I have a feeling that JoJo is one of those person who never went through an awkward phase, but lets investigate and see what she was doing in her pre-Bachelor existence.

1. Playing With A Pup

What an adorable puppy! And I guess great hair is not a recent development for her.

2. Hanging With Her Mom

Everyone loves JoJo's mother for her straight-from-the-bottle champagne chugging, and look, she's stylish just like her daughter, too.

3. Slaying In A Neon Bikini

This signature bathing suit look was a thing long before JoJo was a reality TV contestant.

4. Rocking Short Hair In College

Don't get me wrong, JoJo looks super cute in this photo, but I definitely had to do a double take. She looks like a totally different person with short hair.

5. Turning Up For St. Patrick's Day

JoJo could never be accused of being boring. She always has a positive attitude and has fun wherever she goes. And based on her Instagram pics, this has always been the case.

6. Shouting Out Her Brothers On Social Media

She is always supporting her brothers' business and personal lives on social media. It makes sense why they were so protective of her when they met Ben.

7. Watching Basketball Games

JoJo loves sports (just check her out with RGIII during college above!) and even ended up on the Jumbotron at a Dallas Mavericks game.

8. Shooting Guns With Jake Pavelka

This is a little bit random, but apparently JoJo and her family have been longtime friends with Bachelor alum Jake Pavelka, so maybe her own reality TV stardom has been in the works for a while.

9. Spending Time With The Fam

This family really seems to have a tight bond — they do activities together all the time.

10. Hanging With Eva Longoria

Once again, this seems like a super random pic, but Eva Longoria was actually a producer on the short-lived reality show that JoJo's brother Ben Patton starred in. Apparently the fam has stayed in touch with the actor since she's appeared on JoJo's Intagram account plenty of times.

11. Styling Her Hair Straight

I am so used to seeing JoJo's waves that it feels like I'm looking at someone else when her hair is straightened.

12. Tailgating With Her Bro

JoJo really loves her brothers and sports, so it's not surprising to see her having fun at a tailgate.

13. Getting Silly With A Friend

When is JoJo not having a good time?

14. Living It Up In Vegas

The Vegas Bachelor episode was not the first time JoJo hit up Sin City. She made her mark way before that.

Based on these throwbacks, JoJo has always been a fun-loving, family-oriented person. So even with some small changes in hairstyles, she has been the same person when it really comes down to it.

Image: JoJo Fletcher/Instagram