When’s The Next Kylie Lip Kit Restock? You Won't Have To Wait Long

On Tuesday night, Kylie Jenner have her fans and makeup addicts what they'd been asking for. Jenner's most recent Kylie Lip Kit restock brought people out in droves. In fact, Kourt K, her most recent shade release sold out in mere minutes. But when's the next Kylie Lip Kit restock? Like most of Jenner's cosmetic announcements, this one came via the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram. The good news? If you missed out on your desired Kylie Lip Kit, you won't have to wait very long to snag it or another hue because according to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, the Kylie Lip Kit next relaunch is next week!

It seems as though Jenner's restocks are getting increasingly more frequent as is her release of new shades. Jenner's most recent hues of 22 and Kourt K seemed to come out within only a few weeks of one another. Plus, the reality television star thew in a selection of glosses for good measure during the wait for a matte Lip Kit restock. It's clear that Kylie Cosmetics is beginning to expand more rapidly. While everyone is still holding out for the first Kylie Jenner foundation, the expanding company does tend toward quickly relaunches, and no one is going to complain about that.

During Tuesday night's restock, Kylie's most recent shade, Kourt K, sold out ridiculously fast. Coming in as a close second, though, was Jenner's KoKo K. The nude pink tone is one of Jenner's older shades, but it seems to have some of the most intense staying power of all the Lip Kits. During the next relaunch, we'll all get the chance to see if KoKo K retains its popularity.

With the announcement of a new restock, the question must be asked if Jenner is planning to release a new shade. There have been theories regarding whether or not a Kim Kardashian themed Lip Kit could be headed our way. With the release of the glosses, that may be called into question a bit since Kardashian is known for her glosses lips, but according to Jenner's Instagram, the restock is for not just the matte Lip Kits but also the glosses. Could there be a Kim K. gloss?

Regardless of whether or not the final Kardashian sister finally gets her Lip Kit name, we now know when the next Kylie Lip Kit restocks will happen. Grab your credit cards, head to your computers, and wait patiently for your next chance a coveted Lip Kit.