Eileen Stepped Up Her Game On 'RHOBH' This Season

by Marenah Dobin

To be honest, I didn't really have an opinion on Eileen Davidson during her first season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . I feel like she was barely on screen and when she was she really did not have much of a story line or contribute a lot to the conversations. Other than being Lisa Rinna's right hand woman, I didn't understand why she was brought on for another season of RHOBH, but now I am happy she was. Eileen has stepped up her game in many ways this year on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, I really feel like I know her and beyond that, I really like her and feel that she has a rightful place on this show.

Eileen went from being a fly on the wall last season to being the only one to move the conversation forward this season. This season of RHOBH, it seemed like people were either talking about Yolanda Foster's battle with Lyme disease or just waiting around for an opportunity to bring it up. Along with some great scenes from the queen Erika Jayne, Eileen's commentary really saved the season and entertained viewers when we really needed it.

1. She Told It Like It Is

I love this new Eileen. I'm not sure if she just used her first season on the show as a chance to sit back and observe, but she is over that now and she is all about expressing her opinion. Plus, she is one of a couple ladies who has a consistently insightful and intelligent opinion. It is more enjoyable watching this Eileen who is not afraid to call people out and speak her mind.

2. She Stood Up To Lisa Vanderpump

I cannot believe that she actually dared to stand up to Lisa. I love LVP, but I am extremely intimidated by her sitting at home watching RHOBH from my couch, so I can't imagine how her co-stars feel. She is the only one who refuses to backtrack or get manipulated in her confrontations with Lisa Vanderpump and although I get vicariously nervous for her, it is compelling to watch.

3. She Opened Up More

I can't imagine what it is like to have reality TV cameras following you around all day, but I feel like it has to be tough to share your life. With that said, it's what you sign up for, so I was kind of bummed when I felt like I didn't get to know Eileen during her first season. Now we are really seeing her open up about everything from her romantic history with her husband to death of her sister and an allegedly abusive relationship from the past. She is making herself vulnerable and has become a very relatable cast member.

4. She Let Loose

Eileen has such a great attitude. She is not judgmental and she is always down to dance, laugh, and have a good time. In a season full of repetitive drama, it is great to see someone like Eileen trying to make the best out of things wherever she goes. I was really living for it when I saw her dancing at Erika's show and I know I wasn't the only one.

5. She Welcomed The New Girls

Eileen was a rookie Housewife last season so she knows what it feels like to start out on the show. She took the time to get to know both Kathryn Edwards and Erika Girardi on an individual level and refused to pass judgment on them without getting to know them. She stepped outside of her comfort zone by getting wild at Erika's show and she bought new luggage to impress bag snob Kathryn. I didn't see anyone else try that hard. She is definitely the most welcoming RHOBH lady.

6. She Pushed The Drama

Eileen is not the kind of person who ignores the elephant in the room. If there is something going on and there is tension in the air she just wants to clear it, and it makes for amazing television. I feel like if Eileen wasn't present the women would just be sitting in silence at these dinner parties.

7. She Didn't Self Promote

Eileen is an Emmy-winning actress so I don't really get why she needs this show, but maybe she doesn't. Maybe she is just doing it for fun because she already has a loyal fan base and television success. She does not show her events on RHOBH, brag about her success, or try to convert the viewers into customers. She is just showing us as much of her day-to-day life as she can, which is the intended purpose of a reality show anyway.

8. She Was Tired Of Being In The Background

Eileen is tired of just being a sidekick or filler in the background. She has an interesting story line to share, a distinct point of view to convey, and a much needed sense of humor to make us all laugh. She refuses to be silenced or feel like she has to bow down to some queen bee just because she is not a more seasoned member of the cast.

Eileen has really stepped it up in every single way. She has really earned her title as a Real Housewife this season and I — along with the other viewers, I'm sure — have really enjoyed watching her.

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